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I swear I sit down to type and Jolie senses it and instantly needs my attention. Even as I type now she’s calling out for me. It’s a test of will – I’ll try to win this time.

Today she spent the better part of the afternoon blowing raspberries at me. Maybe that would have been a good time to sit and type, but, then again, I was far too amused to do anything but stare in awe of this little baby girl of 4 1/2 months.

Sophia’s been getting her to laugh more and more these past couple of weeks. She recently was given a game from a friend of ours called Pretty Pretty Princess, where the object is to be the first one to decorate yourself completely with your set of jewelry. She decorated Jolie the other day and they both were giggling pretty good about it.

One of Sophia’s all time favorite things to do these days is dress up for us. She dressed up in her jewelry, ballet attire, and her head band the other day, came in and asked, “Don’t I look boo-tee-ful Mama?” She insisted on leaving the tag on the headband because it made it “more cool”.

She helped me make cookies for Valentine’s Day. When I opened our big bucket of flour her eyes lit up and she asked if she could sink her hands in it. “We have to wash our hands first,” I replied, “They’re dirty.” She put her fingers up to her nostrils, took a big whiff, and said, “I just smelled ’em Mom. I think they’re purdy good.”

She’s been enjoying a book lately called, That’s Disgusting by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais, where the authors list many things that are disgusting – like playing in the cat litter, or pooping in the bathtub. We sat around the other day thinking of our own disgusting things. Sophia came up with: Brushing the toilet with your tooth brush! – That’s disgusting! And – Eating your fingers! – That’s disgusting! At one point, Isaac came up with: Licking your shoe! – That’s disgusting! Sophia’s face was priceless. She asked, “That is disgusting, looking your shoe?” And we said, “Yes.” She hesitated for a moment before saying, “I don’t do THAT anymore!”

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9 weeks, 2 days

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning and, needless to say, spent an extra 20 minutes in bed snapping pictures of this gorgeous girl. Our smiles make her smile which make us smile even more. One of the many benefits of parenthood…

Her papa can’t believe he’s got 2 absolutely beautiful daughters to protect. He sure does have his work cut out for him.

(p.s. Recognize the blanket, Staci?)

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Purdy Girl

As you can kind of see in that second picture, Jolie has been smiling at us lately. And when she does, Sophia always says, “Look, she’s smilin’! Such a purdy girl!”

Things are kind of settling down around here. We’re learning that our girls are very different and that what worked for the first doesn’t necessarily work for the next. But one thing’s for certain: I feel like the most blessed mom on earth. This afternoon the girls and I drove down to the barge to pick up a pallet of organic produce, and then over to a friends house where we split up boxes of potatoes and bananas, kiwis, apples, avocados and so forth. Jolie slept outside in her car seat, all bundled up in a big fleece suit, while Sophia ran around with a bunch of boys in the mud and the dirt and had lots of fun. When we got home, we used some of our fresh produce it to make the biggest and best veggie pizzas ever. Isaac is diligently trying to get us a deer. He’s spent 3 of his last 4 mornings off out in the woods, getting closer to his goal each time. Last Saturday he even aimed his shotgun at a buck, so we’re expecting his first “big kill” on POW Island any time now.

Other than that, time seems to be flying…

Jolie was 6 weeks old on Friday. Can you believe it?

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I received the gift of 2 toddler-free nesting hours this morning from a good friend and neighbor here in Thorne Bay. It just dawned on me the other day that instead of using an old tooth-brush to clean the rim around the kitchen sink just days before our new arrival, I will instead be in a tiny apartment with my mom and daughter, watching DVDs and reading books and (hopefully) not scrubbing the bottom of someone else’s refrigerator. So, when the offer came to take Sophia off of my hands, I gladly accepted and used the time to get as much done as one can in two hours. Bottom line, though, is that I’m not ready. But that’s ok, because truthfully, I don’t think anyone is ever ready to welcome a new person into their lives, no matter how many onesies are washed, or drawers are organized, or blankets are folded.

We head for Ketchikan early tomorrow morning, Sophia and I. I’m pretty sure she knows we’re going, and that we’ll be waiting for the baby to be born, and that we’ll get to meet Oma there. I’m also pretty sure that she doesn’t know the part about her Papa not coming with us. It’s been hard on her to have him gone so many hours each day. On Wednesday when he was getting ready to do his master’s course via teleconference, Sophia picked up on the fact that even though he JUST got home he’d be leaving again, and she gave him a stern look and said, “No go, Papa!” Of course he had no choice but to go, but did so with a heart torn to pieces.

We know that God has a perfect plan for us, but please keep us in your prayers these next few days, weeks, as we discover what that plan is. Thanks for your comments and letters and packages and love. We appreciate it all.

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36 weeks

Photo taken at Memorial Beach, Prince of Wales Island

According to some health professionals, I am now considered full term. I find myself hoping every day that the baby arrives shortly after my arrival in Ketchikan on the 22nd, but remain confident that it won’t come too early. And I’m fervently praying that it doesn’t come late – AT ALL – not even a day. But we’ll just have to see what God has in store for us. Most of all, I just want Isaac to be there, however it turns out.

I’m a little nervous about a lot of things. Lately, I’ve been contemplating the level of energy I seem to have (pretty low on the energy-ometer). In vain I imagine a sudden boost of adrenaline that will give me the oomph to step up to the plate when the baby is finally here and needs me to do, well, EVERYTHING for it. Not to mention that Sophia will be wanting to help drain some of that energy from me as well. And the truth is, I’ve been there before, so I know that fatigue does not disappear with the wounds from childbirth, but might even double or triple as I try to find a balance between this, that and everything else.

The bottom line, though, is that in a matter of weeks we will be blessed with a new person. One that’s already blessed us more than it knows with its heartbeat, and movements, and beautiful 3-D ultrasound face. It’s hard to imagine a family of 4, but soon it will be hard to remember life without him or her. Last night before drifting off to sleep I asked Isaac who watched Sophia for us the last time I went through labor. Somehow I’m able to superimpose her in all of my memories, and soon I’ll do the same with the one who patiently grows inside of me.

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27 weeks

We were blessed last night with some gorgeous weather, so Isaac took the opportunity to take some more creative shots of my belly. Quite a few turned out great, but this was my favorite.

Sophia told me the other day, “Mama, come here.” I got over to her and she told me she wanted to talk to the baby. She lifted up my shirt and talked really softly through my skin, “Hi, Baby. We love you.

We got news today that my good friend Crystal had her baby, Kyler, last night some time right before midnight. We are so excited for both her and Ted and can’t wait to meet the little guy soon.

I’m in my last days of work here – only 9 more “get-ups” to go. Then the serious packing begins…
We are more and more excited each day for our move to Southeast.

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20 Weeks

Well, Baby, we’re half-way there in our journey to get to meet you. You are in our thoughts and prayers each day, especially since we have your sister to remind us by saying, “And thank you Jesus the baby in Mama’s tummy.” I wonder… does she realize how important you’ll be to her one day, as a brother or a sister? The fact that she remembers to pray for you is proof enough that she knows you are already one of the family, but I don’t think even we can understand how much you’ll mean to us until you’ve arrived.

Mid-mornings and evenings are your favorite times to move around. I can just imagine you adjusting your position to get comfortable in there. In the evening you move most when your papa says goodnight to you. He gave you a kiss last night and you nudged right where his lips rested on my belly and kissed him back! We laughed for quite a while about that one before finally going to sleep.

You love oranges, and other citrus-y fruits and juices. You love movie theater popcorn. We have one of those fancy poppers at work that I’ve never touched until just a few months ago. I never really cared for it before but now it’s a daily craving. You’re not really a big meat fan like Sophia was in utero, but isn’t now, which probably means you’ll be the one who will end up surviving off meat if we let you.

There are a lot of people out here who love you already, but take your time. At Week 37 I might suggest something totally opposite, but for now, I’m enjoying holding you each and every second of your life.

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