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Gingerbread House

They look simple enough, but in fact, these little houses took quite a bit of time and energy to complete. It was all worth the while, though. Our friends Staci and Kailyn came over before we left for California so that the girls could make gingerbread houses but considering what a time Staci and I had with them, the girls will have to get a little bit older before we give them a shot at it.

They did enjoy eating the treats, though, so I’m sure it was all the same to them. 🙂

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Overalls, and light jackets…bare heads and carefreeness.

(Fast forward 3 months later.)


Bodies covered from head to toe, trying to enjoy this thing called SNOW.

If you haven’t met her before, take this opportunity to meet Elaina, one of Sophia’s best buds on earth. Born only 2 days apart, each has never known life without the other. Together, they are learning to share, to make jokes, and to encourage each other. Yesterday, shortly after boarding the sled, Sophia wanted “OUT!”, but Elaina wanted “MORE!”. Elaina squealed and yelled “WEEEEE!” just enough to make Sophia relax and realize how fun it was to be pulled faster and faster in the sled. Soon, they were both squealing and laughing and enjoying the snow.

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The Promise

On October first, I stood and watched as one of my closest friends in the world said her final goodbye to her father, as his ashes were buried in the Palmer Cemetery. This picture was taken there.

During what was probably the hardest time of my life, this same friend found the time and money to come and be with me when I needed her most.

Two people there for each other – definition of friendship? Might as well be…

The morning of my brother’s accident, Lyndsi had written a song that seemed to be too well timed. She sang it at his memorial service. It would have fit perfectly into her dad’s as well, but somehow she has made it John’s song. It is something we will always have, and I thank her for that.

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My first weekend away

Apples B&B, Big Bear, CA

Last weekend was the first time I had ever spent a night away from Sophia – and in this case it was two nights! I only cried twice; once right before I left her, and once that night at the B&B. She, on the other hand, is reported to have not even cried once, not even a questioning, “Mama?” Is this a good thing? Is it weird for me to want her to have just a little bit of separation anxiety?

My mother-in-law, my two sisters-in-law, my baby niece Emily, and I all drove out to Big Bear, which is about a 3 hour drive from L.A., and spent the entire weekend reminiscing, creating, eating (the food was so good!), and of course scrapbooking. What a pleasure it was to have 2 whole days to myself with some of my favorite people of all time.

Nevertheless, I was so, so happy to get to see Sophia when we finally picked her up. She was pretty darn happy, too.


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Girls Day Out!

Sophia and her friend Kailyn had a fun time today at the park. They were a two-baby band as they tried out all of their cute, goofy sounds around the big girls.

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What would we do without that much needed hug from a friend when times are worse than ever? What would we do without those few people who can make us laugh no matter what? What would we do without that one friend who stands beside us, even though they are 3,500 miles away?

God knows how important friends are and can be to us. I thank Him for mine.

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Her daddy calls her Squirrel.

Recently, Sophia has made a new friend – nicknamed Squirrel- who lives down the street from us. Not too long ago her dad came over to introduce himself and his daughter, having heard that we, too, have a baby in the same age-group. They’ve been over about 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks, and each time the two girls seem to get more and more comfortable with each other. Even enough to share their food and to give kisses.
Squirrel is absolutely in love with her daddy and goes everywhere he goes. He runs heavy equipment in our neighborhood for snow removal, so she rides with him up in his grader. It’s easy to tell which grader is his by the baby-doll or colorful children’s book that can be seen through the glass paneled door.
Being so attached to her dad, Squirrel was pretty hesitant to leave his side to go and play with Sophia. Sophia tried many times to invite Squirrel into her room by calling out to her, then crawling toward her room, then stopping to call out to her once again. It took some time but Squirrel has finally warmed up to Sophia, and the two of them confidently roam the house together, playing with all kinds of toys along the way.

Even babies need friends, and we’re glad Sophia has one in Squirrel.

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