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There’s a part of me that sometimes believes that, apart from the Lord, I’m all alone in this world. That no matter the circumstances, it’s always going to be just Jesus and I – facing life’s battles together. And while it is a good thing to know that Jesus is with me always (especially in the mundane chores of my day-to-day), trusting Him also has to mean letting relationships with others shape me in my walk with Him.

God has been working with me on kindness. He is showing me that responding in kindness means that relationships get strengthened and walls of bitterness come down. This morning, I chose not to respond in kindness about something little. I didn’t even appear unkind (at least I don’t think I did) but my motive was unkind. It was a sneaky sort of unkindness that the Holy Spirit hinted not to let out of my mouth, but I ignored Him and let the words spill forth and knock down the first domino in a series of doubts about who I am, who God is, and who His people are. These doubts have shaped today into a day of reaction, instead of a day of life-giving hope, because when we choose not to trust God, our actions are merely reactions to what is happening to us instead of life-giving examples of Him living through us.

Today has been one of those days where I believed the lie that pushing someone else down would lift me up. I also believed that there’s not a person in the world I can really call a friend. I was even resolved to believe that I would need to finish this day out reacting to everything instead of acting in love, so that I could get a new chance tomorrow. I really didn’t know how to change the path I had set out for myself today. And then the doorbell rang, and God showed me through a friend that it’s always the time to decide to trust Him. That kindness is simply a by-product of trusting that He is a good father who loves me and is with me always.

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.” Ephesians 4:32

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To Do – 5/17/2016

get up before the girls

ask God what He has for me today

kiss Isaac good morning

make coffee

chat with Isaac on the couch while drinking said coffee

kiss the girls good morning

kiss the girls and Isaac goodbye

kiss Everett good morning

make a smoothie – let Everett run the immersion blender

help Everett learn to make cinnamon-raisin swirl bread

teach Everett that it’s not called cinnamon-raisin squirrel bread

teach Everett what a swirl is

console Everett about the bread name not including the word “squirrel”

laugh a little under my breath about that

let Everett form a sourdough loaf and sprinkle seeds on it

send off the produce order email so we’ll have something to eat next week

send another email with things I forgot in the first

help Everett scramble some eggs for breakfast

pick up my dad’s pug puppy Louis so I can work on potty training him

have a good attitude about the potty training

supervise Everett throwing Coach’s ball for him

google what thyme and sage look like so I can see if either are in my garden for a friend who needs some

hate that I don’t already know what they look like by now

make another smoothie – let Everett run the immersion blender

make a new batch of goat kefir

refill baby chicks’ food and water

check big chickens’ eggs

make lunch for Isaac

help Everett look for his camo hat

console Everett about his missing camo hat

take Everett to school/drop off Isaac’s lunch

click on the link to my blog in an email from Isaac

spend way to much time reading old blog entries

figure out how to log into WordPress

create a new password for WordPress

marvel at the fact that I haven’t logged into WordPress for over 4 years

write a blog post

hope my afternoon is as productive as my morning 😉





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