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1 Month Old

He’s been with us for a mere month and already I can’t remember life without him – nor can I imagine life without him, for that matter. He had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and weighs 11 lb. 14 oz., which means he’s gained 3 lbs since his birth (despite battling a cold recently). It’s amazing how infant weight gain can be such a source of pride for a mother. There’s nothing like bragging how big your baby is compared to other babies. 🙂 The doctor put him on his tummy to test his neck strength and was surprised at how well and long he pushed his head up. He’s got three older sisters to protect, so strength will be a definite asset. Even though he’s the baby, I imagine him taking care of all of his sisters one day.

His cold started out pretty innocent, as far as symptoms go, but today a wretched sounding cough started. I cringe each time I hear it, and my one remedy so far is to pick him up and kiss the fat on his neck and cheeks – as if I could actually love the sickness right out of him. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work, actually, since holding him seems to make everything better, no matter what’s bothering him. He’s a delightful baby and loves being near me. Sometimes, when I’m at my most exhausted, I put him next to me in bed, his head on the pillow next to mine. He faces me, our noses practically touching, and we fall to sleep breathing each other’s breath.

The girls are loving him more every day. Jolie and Tess practically smother him, and I’m constantly reminding them not to touch his face. Jolie recently discovered and pondered his male anatomy and asked, “Why is his pee so…” she paused to find the right word, “…ruined?” After I recovered from that one I got to explain a few things. Oh the joys of parenting. As far as my fantasy of Everett protecting his sisters goes – ruined pee-pee or not – Jolie has total confidence in him. I was going upstairs to get Tess from Isaac the other day and Jolie said she’d go with me so I wouldn’t be scared. “I’m not scared,” I told her, “Jesus is with me.” “Well, I’m scared.” she said. Then she remembered her sleeping brother downstairs. “Oh, nevermind. I’m not scared. Everett’s down there.”

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