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Isaac came home from work yesterday, opened the fridge and said, “Did you know there’s a grocery bag in here with a netflick in it?”  Oh, well, yes and no.  I mean, now that you mention it, I remember putting it in there, but until you said something, I had no idea.  Maybe it’s the 4 hours of good sleep I’m going off of here, or the constant stream of silly questions coming at me all day long, but I think I’m a little bit, well, tider.

When Sophia was little(r) she would tell me that she was just “too tider” (meaning tired).  I always thought it was cute and imagined that she was saying it that way because she just didn’t have the energy to say it right.  That’s me these days.  “Jolie, could you give that to me, please?”  “Um, I’m not Jolie, Mom.”  “Well, you know what I mean, Tess.   I mean, Sophia.  Jeez Louise.”  “Who’s that?”  “Nevermind.”

Some days I’m so motivated to get things done, that I march around the house, drill-seargent fashion, barking orders up and down: Clean up this!  Put away that! Now! Now! NOW!  Other days I sigh and think, “What’s the use, it’s just going to get messy again in 20 minutes anyway,” and spend the days instead crawling after the girls, and reading story after story, and answering their silly questions with even sillier answers.  They must think I’m manic.  Seriously.  I keep telling myself that moderation is key to some normalcy around here, but apparently I’m not listening.

Here’s some new pics of the girls.  Enjoy.

Jolie’s birthday dinner – Mickey Mouse pancakes. 

Happy Birthday Jolie!

Post-Bath Cuddle Time (by the woodstove, of course)

Tess finds a new friend.

Baby blue eyes (turns 6 months on Wednesday! Though the tags on her clothes beg to differ :)).

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