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11 weeks of Tess

In 11 short weeks, she has somehow made everyone who’s ever met her fall in love with her.  She loves to cuddle.  Loves to eat (evident by all 16+ pounds of her!).  And she loves her family (especially her aunties who came to visit us :)).  And the newest thing she loves to do?  Suck her thumb.  Neither Sophia nor Jolie would do this, despite all of the times I tried to help them.  Especially Jolie…oh, the time I invested in trying to get her to self-soothe.  But, as luck would have it, our easy-goingest baby yet, the one who sleeps 10-12 hours a night, is the one who chooses to suck her thumb.

Her first attempts at it were fascinating to watch.  She wasn’t sure where to put the other four fingers so they ended up spread out over her face.  A few scratches later, she learned to curl them up.  She makes the cutest sucking sounds.  It’s darling. 

Her hair still appears fairly light, although I can see some darker growth coming in here and there.  And her eyes are still strikingly blue.  With them she watches her sisters intensely.  Maybe that’s why she’s so content – she has a comedy duet before her eyes every waking moment.  One day she’ll get to be a part of that act, probably sooner than we think.  Until then, we know to enjoy our thumb-sucking, auntie-loving, chubbier-than-ever baby.

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