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We’ve had some really nice weather here.  Last week it even got up to 78 degrees!  The girls loved it…even Tess.


We got a call recently from a woman whose teenage daughters saw Tess’ birth announcement in the paper.  They made their mother call us to congratulate us and let us know that our daughter is going to be very special.  Their names are Tess and Elizabeth.  🙂  A few days later a packaged arrived in the mail from their family.  It included the paper that had the birth announcement (I told her I hadn’t picked one up yet, so she offered to mail me hers), a gift for Tess and a gift for Sophia and Jolie.  Do we live in the coolest place or what?


Jolie’s first shiner.  We were visiting some friends when she, in attempt to climb up on to a chair, slipped and hit her eye socket on the table.  A blood vessel popped and now it looks like she is decorated with purple eye shadow.


The girls taking a ride in the dock cart.

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Meeting Tess

Now that she’s almost a month old, I thought I’d post the video of the girls getting to hold Tess for the first time.  (Note Jolie’s nervous laugh, and Sophia’s beautiful song.)

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How to keep baby Tess happy?  Nurse her 24 hours a day.  (Not as easy as it sounds, but it does offer a solution to fussiness.)

How to keep off extra weight?  Make sure my 1-year old and 4-year old are within 100 yards of me when I take a bite of anything.  (They come running and want bites, too, and before I know it, whatever I had prepared for myself is gone.)

How to gain the weight anyway?  Stuff handfuls of peanut M&Ms in my mouth so that when they get to me asking for a bite, I can shrug my shoulders and do the ASL sign for all gone.  (I of course add the “terribly sorry” look.)

How to keep do-dads in my 1-year old’s hair?  Promise treats at the end of a certain time period.  (See Jolie’s new “do” in pictures #2 and #3.)

How to keep the aunties sending care packages with lots of yummy chocolate?  Blog a picture now and again of the nieces in their cute outfits.  (See Tess in picture #1 – sorry it took so long Tara.)

How to make the transition from 2 to 3 kids bearable?  Have a 4 year old that is the biggest helper in the world.  


What this last picture doesn’t show is me crying behind the camera this morning because my first baby was on her way to her “first day of school”.  Not only do we live in a place where school starts at age 4 in the pre-K class, but the end of the school year before they enter pre-K, they go to school for a trial period every Friday in the last month of the school year.  Here Sophia is with her back pack all ready.  She got to drive up to the school with her papa and shadow the other students today.  Needless to say, I missed my big helper, but I love that she had so much fun with the other kids.  I also loved getting to peek in on her while she was in the classroom.  What a proud mama I was.

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