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For the girls

Some friends from Thorne Bay gave me a certificate to a day salon for a Spa Pedicure to enjoy while I wait in Ketchikan.  I took that opportunity today, and it was awesome.  I don’t know what I liked more, getting the pedicure, or just sitting with my feet soaking while reading my book.  It was very nice to get away for a while, but it made me dream of the day that I could take my girls with me and we can all get pedicures together.  I tried to make up for it by giving them a “pedicure” when I got home.  They loved matching with their mama.

We’re having a relaxing time here in Ketchikan.  We’ve enjoyed the library and the rec center so far.  We even took a drive out to the end of the road yesterday.  The rain hasn’t been bad at all.  And having Grandpa here means having someone to entertain the girls while Isaac and I take walks and I get a nap in here and there.

As for the baby, we’re praying that it comes when it’s ready…and not a moment sooner.  (Although Sophia seems to think it should be ready by now.  :))

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The last days…






katie-and-baby-martin-028Photos by Carla Tchalemian

The girls and I arrived in Ketchikan yesterday to wait it out.  We had some studio shots taken today by Carla’s Forget-Me-Not Photography and thought everyone might like to see a few.

My due date is 13 days away.  Stay tuned for some baby news.

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