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5 years

Remember when we helped Liam with the lyrics to Season’s Wheels?

Or when we found our rings?

Remember lunch at the contractor’s lot?

Or how much we missed the “apartment” (and still do)?

Remember those countless drives to and from “town”?

Or how well the Spaz always did in spite of them?

Remember how Sophia frowned her wrinkled, puffy face when she was born?

And did so well with all of those needle pricks…

Remember how Jolie crossed her eyes for the first couple of weeks?

And we still couldn’t believe that we could have 2 daughters that beautiful…

Remember the day when we said we’d always love each other, in the ways God wants us to?  I hope we always do.  And that we never forget the things that have made our life worth remembering these first 5 years.

I love you Isaac.  Happy Anniversary.

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