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Words, Sleep, and Tummies

I took the liberty of writing down all of Jolie’s words a couple of days ago – totalling 42! – and although I won’t make you read through the list, I will tell you that Isaac took one look at it and said that if anyone were to ever randomly find this piece of paper, they would consider it quite an interesting shopping list. What, with words like “cookie” and “apple”, accompanied with “poo-poo”. Who knows, maybe that’s what some people call fertilizer? She gets more verbal every day, but I would have to say that her all time favorite word is “no”. Whether I’m asking her if she wants to do something, or Sophia is trying to take a toy away from her, or simply when she’s walking through the house completely alone, she loves to say “no”, while shaking her head back and forth. Sophia, meanwhile, is learning her own means of coping with a sibling by stashing and hoarding all of the stuff that she doesn’t want Jolie to have. The other day while Jolie napped, Sophia sat out in the living room and dressed her Cinderella dolls.  Once Jolie woke up we told her she’d better put them away but she wasn’t fast enough, and as Jolie entered the living room and attempted to b-line to the dolls, Sophia firmly held her back and screamed bloody murder for us to help her.  And that’s exactly what she repeated, over and over and over again, “HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP ME!  HEEELLLLLPPPPP ME! As if she’s being attacked by a large animal or something…

They can be sweet to one another, though, and I’m grateful for that. Although I can’t think of a story right now that illustrates this, just trust me, there are hugs and kisses given throughout the day.

Jolie surprised us over the weekend by sleeping 12 hours straight on Friday AND Saturday night.  We were new people those days, Isaac and I: productive, happy, patient.  And Jolie napped better during the day – go figure! I was beginning to think that her limit was 10 hours, and that was that, but now I’ve been given a ray of hope that will shine on me for a long, long time. Sophia always had her best blanky to keep her company during “night-night” time, and we were beginning to wonder if Jolie would ever be attached to anything… but it turns out she is in love with a pink kitty that Pop-pop bought for Sophia when he came to Alaska to do my brother’s funeral. This may very well be why she likes to go down to sleep better now, because she likes to make kitty “go nigh-nigh”. It’s very cute.

Meanwhile, in the placental world, baby #3 is moving around like crazy and is now 29 weeks old. Jolie will point to my tummy when I ask her where Mama’s baby is, and Sophia asks all the time if she can see the baby “for real” (as opposed to the disappointment she experienced when she saw the ultrasound). Sophia told me the other day that she actually has a baby growing inside of her, too, believe it or not.  It moves around a lot and prevents her from being able to pick up stuff off of the floor (“It hurts me to bend over with this baby in my tummy!), and it also makes her very tired.  She also told me that Jolie has one, too, which means we’ll have quite a large family when all of these babies are born!


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