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You know you haven’t posted anything for a while when you’ve forgotten which buttons to click on to get you to the part where you can actually type something (did WordPress totally redo their website, or what?) You also know, by the way, when your little sister stops sending you threatening emails about how if she doesn’t see a new picture of her nieces soon, then… Looking back at the last few pictures posted I realize how much different Jolie looks in 3 months! As someone recently put it, “She’s actually starting to look pretty.” Which offended me at first, I must admit, but then I realized how she used to have this permanent scowl on her face, and that has disappeared. Not to mention her beautiful wavy hair and huge brown eyes.

Sophia hasn’t changed very much physically, but I’m always noticing little differences about her. Like how she picked up on what “controlling” is and was eager to tell me, just recently, that King Triton is very controlling to Ariel. How she knew this, I don’t know. Just like I don’t know how she learned right from left, or how to tie a knot. That kid is always observing and asking questions and I think I’m going to have my hands full with her (like I don’t already!)

And there is another one on the way, which most of you probably already know. I was 27 weeks along yesterday, leaving not-so-long to go. Which is a good thing because this pregnancy has been by far the hardest. Nothing serious, just minor ailments that leave me wanting 9 months to be over sooner than later. We are very excited to be given the chance at loving yet another person in our family, and are eager to see the relationships of our kids as they develop over time.

Right now we are enjoying home life. The girls and I spent 4 weeks traveling to visit family in California over the holidays (2 1/2 weeks of which we were joined by Isaac). As I catch up on my journal from the trip I feel so blessed to have been able to do and see as much as we did. Some trip highlights were: drinking tea and chatting with my mom at the dining room table in Marina, watching Jolie walk on sand for the first time, watching Sophia being chased by the waves, sleeping in the same bed with my sister for the first time since we were kids, roadtripping with Isaac’s parents down to the San Fernando Valley and stopping at the Apple Farm for lunch – yum!, singing carols in the hospital with Isaac’s dad on Christmas day, spending a whole 24 hours alone with my husband on Imperial Beach, going to the Cheesecake factory with Annie and Dave, seeing Ozzy Osbourne the night we met up with Fred and Charif at the movies, Pinkberry, and seeing Sophia cry because she was going to miss everyone, but especially Grandma. Honestly, way too many fun, interesting, and exciting things happened to name them all, but those are a few. It only took us about 30 hours to get home, but we are home and we are happy to have a chance to relax in our own little world. We miss everyone so much, though, and are very lucky to have gotten to do what we did.


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