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Books, Trips, and Pics

Sophia’s been loving the Little Critter books lately. We checked out a couple of them from the library: I Just Forgot and When I Get Bigger. She relates to each of them a lot because a.) she forgets to do a lot of things we ask her to and b.) she talks often of how she is bigger and is constantly getting bigger every day. Well, on the back of one of these books are pictures of the covers of many of the other Little Critter books. One of them really got her attention. The picture showed Little Critter staring into a mirror; his reflection a “scary” version of himself. Sophia honed right in on it, “What’s that one called, Mom?” “What a Bad Dream,” I told her. Her eyes showed some definite fear, but she said, “Can we get that one from the library, Mom?” I told her I didn’t know if the library had it, but that we could check. “Could we go check right now?” she asked. I told her that now wasn’t the best time because Jolie was sleeping, but she disappeared momentarily and returned to say, “Okay, I checked on Jolie, Mom, and she’s doing good. We can run to the library really quick, okay?” No, not okay.

We did end up going to the library yesterday evening. Sophia marched right up to the desk and asked the volunteer if the library had “the bad dream book”. I clarified what she was trying to say, and he looked and reported that it was not in the system. “Hmmm…” she said, “I guess we’ll have to order it then.”

I love to see and hear her mind at work. I love finding out who she is more and more each day. It makes the never ending laundry and dishes and messy house worth it. (Although I might not say the same thing after a sleepless night and two cranky kids following me around the house.)

Jolie changes more and more each day. Something that I love about her recently is that she gives hugs – really great hugs – and kisses. I push the girls around town in a single jogging stroller with Jolie in the seat part and Sophia in the feet part. Jolie leans forward, smashes her face into a pile of curls, and hugs Sophia tight. Sophia lets her know how sweet she is by saying, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, Jolie. Nice hugs.”

We’ve been back from our big trip for a while now, but since then Jolie and I took another trip South to go to my grandpa’s funeral in the Bay Area. We stayed with cousins and got to see lots of family. We’re still thinking about our big trip a lot though, and feel so blessed to have been able to visit so many friends and family.

At our friends Lindell and Jim’s house in Eagle River.

Bathtime with Auntie Mariza.

Our first date in a long time: a tour of El Capitan Cave.

Berry picking up near Coffman Cove.

Family picture at the Russian River.

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