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Sand Man

“I know where the sand man is, Mom,” Sophia lets me know while she’s at the kitchen table this morning, waiting for her breakfast.

“Oh, yeah? Where?”

“He’s out at Sandy Beach.”

That’s obviously where he gets all that sand! I always wondered where he kept his stash. 🙂

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Beautiful Bounty

We usually discourage the girls from picking handfuls of anything up from the ground and shoving them in their mouths. But, when it’s beach asparagus, I guess we can make an exception.

Our friends and neighbors from across the street led us to a bigger-than-a-football-field-sized patch of it.  It has been “ready” for just a couple of weeks now, meaning the stalks are long enough to cut.  The thickest stalks are those with lots of seaweed around it so they have more room and nutrients to grow.  But even the biggest stalks are smaller than the thinnest asparagus I’ve ever seen.  They taste more like green beans than asparagus, and require no added salt because they are naturally salty.

The process was very healing.  We sat out in that huge patch for over an hour snipping at the stalks and enjoying the cool salty breeze.  There were no bugs, which was surprising.  Sophia and Isaac watched as hundreds of small crabs fought for a place in the water only feet from where I sat harvesting.  We came as the tide was on its way back in, so we watched as the water slowly moved toward us.  Eventually it would cover the field in salt water, cleaning it and removing the tracks that our feet left in it; getting it ready for a new day of harvest.

Realizing it would take Isaac quite some time to walk back to the vehicles with both girls, he suggested I continue cutting for a while and catch up with them at the truck.  The walk was a pretty hard one for Sophia.  Lots of different terrain: slippery rocks with bits of barnacle for traction, thick mud between talk reeds of grass, and tide pools.  I sat and cut and thought about how we have friends who are moving to the island soon.  I thought about how we’ll share this place with them, too, and enjoy their company while we enjoy part of what this place has to offer, together.

Back home we realized that we ended up with plenty.  We filled our huge stock pot and our smaller cooking pot.  We wondered how God would take care of us out here and slowly we’re seeing.  We’re so grateful for all He provides.  Let the canning begin!

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