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My birthday came and went this year – pretty quickly actually. The girls and their papa made me an angel food cake and we had no candles so we used a match and for the first time I heard Sophia sing me the Happy Birthday song start to finish. That alone was enough to call it a great day, as I sat with tears in my eyes watching her. Jolie clapped her adorable clap and made a smile so big her nose wrinkled and I could see her gums, and Papa stood rocking her back and forth while they sang. It’s bewildering how in just a few years time, my birthday went from being something about me to something about us.

The past few days, though, as my birthday month is coming to an end, I’ve been thinking about this age I’ve become: twenty-seven. Isaac was 27 when we met. I remember being amazed that it had taken him twenty seven years to find me. I mean, how old is that! But now that I’m here, I see it differently because I still feel young. Especially when I’m being silly with the girls. The other day while Sophia and I were left at the table eating, she was explaining to me how to write a “W”. “You go down and up and down and up, Mom.” Like with everything else, she repeated this statement over and over, until I found myself bobbing up and down in my seat to her command. After a few minutes of this, we were both laughing so hard that we were silent, nostrils flaring, faces red, eyes locked. It’s times like these that bring out the young in me.

I’ve also been thinking lately about my late brother John, who could now actually be considered my “younger” brother, as he never reached the age of 27. I always kind of felt like I was his elder, and so now I kind of am. Earth-wise anyway. If he were here right now than I would tease him about it, but I guess if he were here right now, than, well, you get the point. I’ll use this opportunity to say I miss him, and there are still days where I think of calling him to ask him a question about something only he would know, only to remember that the answer will have to wait until I’m up there in heaven, too.

I’m looking forward to this year – the big 2-7. The last year before my 10 year high school reunion – yikes. I better take advantage of this “feeling young” thing while it lasts, eh?

Speaking of age – Jolie turns 9 months tomorrow. Happy 9-months Jolie!

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First Big Owie

It’s hard to believe that the event took place only ten days ago, yet it’s even harder to believe that it took about half that time for Sophia’s face to return to normal.  She and I and Jolie were all playing at the park in the sunny weather that lasted for about 2 weeks here, and all of a sudden Sophia went from standing up on the platform of the slide, to lying down at the bottom of the steps, face in hands, blood everywhere.  She wouldn’t show me what happened at first, but at last I saw the slit in her lips.  I still don’t know quite what happened, the only thing she told us was that she wasn’t being careful.  

It wasn’t fun holding her down to get stitched up.  I kept praying that she knew we weren’t trying to hurt her more than she had already been hurt.  She was a tough girl about the whole thing though.  

Thank goodness for popsicles. 

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