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A Sophiecdote

Our friends dropped off some parakeets last night for Sophia to pet sit while they’re on vacation. I was gone when they arrived, and when I got home, Sophia was already in bed. Here is the first conversation we had this morning.

Sophia: Mama, did you see the birds…the parakeets that M.J. dropped off last night?

Me: I did, I did.

Sophia: Aren’t they so cool?

Me: Yes they are. Aren’t we so lucky to get to have them while M.J. is visiting her Grandma and Grandpa?

Sophia: Yes we are! (Sophia looks up at the ceiling and presses her palms together.) Thank you Jesus for listening!

Apparently, our little one has been praying on her own these days. It’s good for this mama’s heart to know.

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