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Shakespeare wrote of the rose smelling as sweet even if it went by another name, just like you would be beautiful even if your name didn’t say so.  You are my jolie fille, and today, you are 7 months old.

It’s hard to believe that seven months have already passed since you joined our family.  Yet, on the other hand, it’s hard to believe that only seven months have passed since you joined our family.  It’s such a cliche, but I really can’t remember when you weren’t here.  I superimpose you into all of my memories.  Even the ones I have of my life before I had a family of my own.

It’s amazing to see you change every day.  A few weeks ago you slept through the night in your crib for the first time.  I knew it was time to really try when, after Sophia had long gone to bed, you, Papa and I sat on the bed.  You lay on your back, playing with your toes, while Papa and I ate ice cream and watched an episode of The Office.  Sophia all of a sudden appeared in the doorway and asked, “Watcha guys doin’?”  We sheepishly told her what we were doing, heavily laden with guilt, and then told her she could sit up with us for a little while, and, yes, have bites of our ice cream, too.  The next day Sophia asked me why Jolie slept in our bed and not in her room with her.  That’s when I knew I had to make more of an effort and – ta-da! – it worked (it actually was quite the process, though), so now when sister gets put to bed, you do to.

If there’s anything I really know about you, Jolie, it’s that you love your sister.  When she cries, you cry.  When she screams with laughter, you cry, too, because you think she’s hurt.  Yesterday, at our neighbors’ house, our friend Shane made Sophia screech with laughter.  After you cried for a bit and got over it, you spent the rest of our time there eye-balling Shane and scowling at him.  I could almost read your mind, “Don’t you dare hurt my sister.”

You started clucking your tongue recently.  At church they joke that you’ve learned a tribal language.  I can usually cheer you up if you’re sad by clucking my tongue at you.  You do it back, and then you smile.  You have one of the two best smiles I’ve ever seen (tied with Sophia’s, of course).  It melts my heart and makes me want to laugh at the same time.  It tells me that everything is going to be ok, and that I shouldn’t worry about anything – at all.  That I should just spend my time loving you and knowing that if I don’t take the time now to just sit and watch you smile, I’ll never ever get the chance.

Thanks for the reminder, my jolie fille.

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Old MacFarmy

I never knew about Old MacFarmy until Sophia told me about him just the other day.  Oh, you’ve never heard of him?  He’s the other farmer in the Old MacDonald song.  According to Sophia, the lyrics go:

Old MacDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o

And Old MacFarmy had some ducks, e-i-e-i-o…

Apparently, he has nothing to do with Old MacDonald.  He just happens to be another farmer who also has animals.  I learn so much every day from this girl.  🙂

The sun is shining more lately, and I’ve been letting Sophia play outside by herself a little bit.  I’m a little hesitant to have her out of my sight, not because I don’t trust the people here, but more because we have no yard and she literally has to play 3 feet from the house in order for her not to be in the street, and hence, in danger of being hit by a car.  With the sun shining so much, though, it’s hard to make her stay inside.  Yesterday she sat for quite a while on our porch steps blowing bubbles.  And before that she played on her little mini swing set that the neighbor gave her.  I’ve never seen a swing set that was smaller.  I’m the first to admit that I often get out of things Sophia suggests by saying that I’m too big, when really, I could fit through a 2 ft. in diameter tunnel if I wanted to, but I usually don’t want to, and it’s just easier to blame the fact that I’m not little enough to do something.  But, with this particular swing set, I am too big and I would probably destroy it if I tried to put all of my weight on it.

Speaking of weight – Jolie was weighed again a couple of weeks ago.  She is now (if she hasn’t reached it already) approaching 20 pounds.  She ate her first solid food 2 1/2 weeks ago – rice cereal – and has since then tried bananas (thumbs down) and apple juice (thumbs up).  This morning during breakfast I really let stupidity take over when I thought, “Hmmm, Jolie doesn’t like mashed up banana…Maybe she would like it if I just let her gnaw on a fresh whole banana a little bit.”  5 seconds later I was ready to do the Heimlich Maneuver on her because she took a chomp of it and then started to choke (but first she made a face to show how disgusting the banana was).  I was able to remove the chunk with my finger, though, and a few pats on the back later, she was fine.  I, on the other hand, took about 15 minutes to recover as I rocked her and wondered where my brain had been at that moment.

We took a hike on a rocky beach the other weekend.  Sophia is turning out to be such an outdoor girl.  She loves the challenge of different terrain and can keep up better and better all the time.  Here are a few pictures from that day.

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