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Today (and yesterday, and the day before) I lost my cool with Sophia. “Whaaaaaaaaat?!” I ask after she’s tried for what seems like 30 minutes straight to get my attention. “I just wanted to tell you that I got Jasmine’s skirt on all by myself, Mo-om,” she says, heart broken-ly, princess Jasmine doll in hand.  What is it that encourages our children to wait until we are most stressed to try to stress us out some more. Even when I’m truly trying to listen, I just don’t seem to get it right. Like today, for instance, Sophia ran ahead of me and Jolie and stood on the bottom step of the library and repeated over and over, “I want to go first, k? Let me go first, k?” I walked past her and started up the steps, when all of a sudden she yells out, “Mom! I told you already that I want to go first up the steps.” “Then why aren’t you going up the steps?” I ask. “I was waiting for you and I already told you I want to go first and you didn’t listen to me.” “So, go first then,” I say. She then spends the next hour sulking in the library over the whole event.

These challenges are what make breaks from normal life extraordinary. Like a trip to Fairbanks where it averaged zero degrees Fahrenheit and Jolie and I got to hang out with my little sis and my mom – not to mention attend a conference with a bunch of other really cool librarians like myself. I loved breathing the crisp air and visiting Santa Claus’ house in North Pole and experiencing the heat of Chena Hot Springs (way more heat than we expected :)) And I loved a chance to miss Sophia. And I loved that she missed me. And I loved that after we got home we only had a few days to wait before all 4 of us got on a plane and flew down to visit Isaac’s family.

The trip to California can be summed up with just 6 little words: CAN WE JUST STAY HERE FOREVER? Something about the warm, but not uncomfortably warm, weather, and the way Sophia smiled after seeing her favorite princess (Cinderella), and seeing Jolie’s bare skin get kissed by the sun for the first time made me wish that our trip would never end. On our last day there, we spent most of the morning over at Isaac’s grandparents’ house and I watched Grammy rock Jolie and kiss her chubby arms. Sophia spent the better part of 15 minutes admiring Grammy’s “sprinkles” all over her face and neck and even said, “When I get bigger, I can have sprinkles, too, just like Grammy.” Grampy was so sweet and kept on telling us what good girls we have.

We miss everybody. More pictures soon.

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