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I swear I sit down to type and Jolie senses it and instantly needs my attention. Even as I type now she’s calling out for me. It’s a test of will – I’ll try to win this time.

Today she spent the better part of the afternoon blowing raspberries at me. Maybe that would have been a good time to sit and type, but, then again, I was far too amused to do anything but stare in awe of this little baby girl of 4 1/2 months.

Sophia’s been getting her to laugh more and more these past couple of weeks. She recently was given a game from a friend of ours called Pretty Pretty Princess, where the object is to be the first one to decorate yourself completely with your set of jewelry. She decorated Jolie the other day and they both were giggling pretty good about it.

One of Sophia’s all time favorite things to do these days is dress up for us. She dressed up in her jewelry, ballet attire, and her head band the other day, came in and asked, “Don’t I look boo-tee-ful Mama?” She insisted on leaving the tag on the headband because it made it “more cool”.

She helped me make cookies for Valentine’s Day. When I opened our big bucket of flour her eyes lit up and she asked if she could sink her hands in it. “We have to wash our hands first,” I replied, “They’re dirty.” She put her fingers up to her nostrils, took a big whiff, and said, “I just smelled ’em Mom. I think they’re purdy good.”

She’s been enjoying a book lately called, That’s Disgusting by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais, where the authors list many things that are disgusting – like playing in the cat litter, or pooping in the bathtub. We sat around the other day thinking of our own disgusting things. Sophia came up with: Brushing the toilet with your tooth brush! – That’s disgusting! And – Eating your fingers! – That’s disgusting! At one point, Isaac came up with: Licking your shoe! – That’s disgusting! Sophia’s face was priceless. She asked, “That is disgusting, looking your shoe?” And we said, “Yes.” She hesitated for a moment before saying, “I don’t do THAT anymore!”

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