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“I didn’t do everything to Jolie, Mom!” Sophia calls out from the living room after Jolie starts to cry.

“You mean you didn’t do anything?” I ask.

The truth is, she really wouldn’t do anything to hurt her sister, but in fact does everything to make her happy. Jolie looks at Sophia like she looks at no one else on this earth. Her admiration has a glow. One that creates a heat that warms my heart through.

This is not only something that I, as a mom, cherish, but also I, as a librarian. (Tires screech to a halt.) Yes, that wasn’t a mistype. You are looking at, or reading the words of, rather, Thorne Bay’s new municipal librarian. But what about your desire to be a stay at home mom and blah, blah, blah, you ask. Well, first off it’s only part time, and secondly I can bring the girls with me so it seems to be working out all around. So you see why it’s so important to have sisters who love each other. While I work, Sophia reads (the stories she’s memorized) to Jolie and bounces her and talks nice to her when she starts to cry. She also finds time to amuse everyone who comes in to the library (imagine that!)

Being a mom and librarian has its challenges, believe it or not. At the city council meeting the other night I remind Sophia just before entering the council chambers that she has to be very, very quiet inside. Once seated I find her not talking, but rather moving around so much in her chair that a constant squeaking can be heard from her rubber boots. “Quiet!” I whisper. “I’m not saying everything!” she whispers back. “Anything!” I say. When I walk up to the podium to give my monthly library report, my talking arouses Jolie from the front pack, and she looks up at me, face beaming and starts to coo while her sister makes her way up behind me and hugs the back of my legs. I can’t help but smile. The council members smile, too. It’s contagious.

It’s a pretty good thing I have going on here, all around.

Did I mention they’re sending me to Fairbanks at the end of next month for a conference? If you live in Fairbanks, Jolie and I will hopefully see you there. Sophia will be home getting some one on one time with Papa.

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