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Purdy Girl

As you can kind of see in that second picture, Jolie has been smiling at us lately. And when she does, Sophia always says, “Look, she’s smilin’! Such a purdy girl!”

Things are kind of settling down around here. We’re learning that our girls are very different and that what worked for the first doesn’t necessarily work for the next. But one thing’s for certain: I feel like the most blessed mom on earth. This afternoon the girls and I drove down to the barge to pick up a pallet of organic produce, and then over to a friends house where we split up boxes of potatoes and bananas, kiwis, apples, avocados and so forth. Jolie slept outside in her car seat, all bundled up in a big fleece suit, while Sophia ran around with a bunch of boys in the mud and the dirt and had lots of fun. When we got home, we used some of our fresh produce it to make the biggest and best veggie pizzas ever. Isaac is diligently trying to get us a deer. He’s spent 3 of his last 4 mornings off out in the woods, getting closer to his goal each time. Last Saturday he even aimed his shotgun at a buck, so we’re expecting his first “big kill” on POW Island any time now.

Other than that, time seems to be flying…

Jolie was 6 weeks old on Friday. Can you believe it?

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