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Mastering the Muffin

I can never seem to follow a muffin recipe quite like I’m supposed to. That part about mixing just until the batter is wet is never I enough for me, and I usually let the mixer whirl a few (dozen) more times past that point. Well, today I didn’t. And there was one little girl who was happy that I finally listened.

Cup of hot cocoa anyone?

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2-month checkup

Yesterday morning we were visited by the Public Health Nurse for Jolie’s 2-month immunizations. For most places in the country, receiving such a visit would probably indicate that we are a “high-risk” family, but the reality is: Thorne Bay is a rural community.

The visit was nice (except for the shot part at the end, of course). We found out that Jolie is in the 95th percentile for her weight and the 75th for her height. I got some pictures of her on the scale in our living room, but I feel they show a little too much to post on the world wide web. (Friends a family, feel free to email me to request the pictures of the little chubby princess weighing in at 13 lb. 4 oz.)

Sophia, thankfully, was up at playgroup when Jolie got her (3!!!) shots. Two in one thigh and one in the other – my goodness was she mad. I’m sure Sophia would have been pretty traumatized to see the whole thing.

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Thankful for this girl

Ask her to smile for a picture and you get a cheesy, lips-only grin (you’ll see what I mean when I post her school picture). But, make her smile with a joke or a tickle and, well, as Memphis says about Norma Jean on Happy Feet, it just about takes your breath away. No matter how hard I mess up as her mom, she always finds time in the day to reward me with her smile.

Even since that day I surprised her with a sister, she has found ways to amaze me with her patience and her huge heart. I don’t know how many times I’ve said the sentence, “Not right now, Sophia, I’m ____ing Jolie” (you fill in the verb), but she still somehow assumes the role of helpful big sister, instead of jealous first born. The other day I had plopped a load of clean laundry on the couch right where I usually put Jolie just as Sophia was walking into the living room. She rushed over to the couch and began to dig frantically through the clothes pile and only stopped when I asked her what she was doing. “Mom,” she asked with her eyebrows tightly woven together, “where’s Jolie?!” “In her carseat,” I answered. She looked over to where Jolie sat and breathed a huge sigh of relief. At playgroup last week I let one of the teachers hold Jolie as we sat in the gym. Sophia looked nervously on until she eventually came over to me and said, “Mom, you need to hold Jolie.” A few moments later one of the boys from her class came over and started to pat Jolie’s head. Sophia, real smooth-like, made her way between him and Jolie, thus blocking him from touching her little sister.

And if that’s not enough to make me feel more thankful than I ever have in possibly my whole life, Sophia’s motto in life has become, “Maybe tomorrow.” It started when Grandma Becky and Pop-pop were here right after Jolie was born. We were standing outside a strip mall in Craig when Sophia saw a picture of an icecream cone in a window of a restaurant. “Ice Cream!!! Can I have some?” she yelled. Something around “we’ll see” was the response, and so she said, “Okay, maybe tomorrow?” Since then, that is how she deals with all disappointments in life: can’t go to playgroup today – maybe tomorrow, has to have “regular” milk instead of strawberry milk – maybe tomorrow. If only she knew how much I wish I could jump up at any moment to chase her around the house, or see something cool she has made in her room. If only she knew how thankful I am to have her as my big girl. Someday, I hope she does.

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Your nieces loved their package. Thanks Auntie Tara.

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This big sister thing…

…is going a little too far.

I’m sure you can all come up with some pretty great quotes for this one.

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Purdy Girl

As you can kind of see in that second picture, Jolie has been smiling at us lately. And when she does, Sophia always says, “Look, she’s smilin’! Such a purdy girl!”

Things are kind of settling down around here. We’re learning that our girls are very different and that what worked for the first doesn’t necessarily work for the next. But one thing’s for certain: I feel like the most blessed mom on earth. This afternoon the girls and I drove down to the barge to pick up a pallet of organic produce, and then over to a friends house where we split up boxes of potatoes and bananas, kiwis, apples, avocados and so forth. Jolie slept outside in her car seat, all bundled up in a big fleece suit, while Sophia ran around with a bunch of boys in the mud and the dirt and had lots of fun. When we got home, we used some of our fresh produce it to make the biggest and best veggie pizzas ever. Isaac is diligently trying to get us a deer. He’s spent 3 of his last 4 mornings off out in the woods, getting closer to his goal each time. Last Saturday he even aimed his shotgun at a buck, so we’re expecting his first “big kill” on POW Island any time now.

Other than that, time seems to be flying…

Jolie was 6 weeks old on Friday. Can you believe it?

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