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Today the weather couldn’t decide what it wanted to do as it changed from minute to minute from stormy to somewhat clear and sunny. I held Jolie out in front of me and kissed her fat neck and cheeks. “What do you think, Jolie,” I asked. “Should we get dressed and go to the park? Would that be fun?” “Mom,” I heard from somewhere beyond the baby, “Jolie can’t talk.” Of course. After all, who knows someone better than their own sister?

It’s officially become Sophia’s job to make sure that Jolie is happy. And she takes her job very seriously. She runs from room to room looking for the pacifier when it’s needed…she runs over to rock Jolie in her carseat…or she just runs through the house for no good reason, yelling, “IT’S OK JOLIE!!! DON’T CRY!!! SISTER’S HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!!!!!!!”

This 2-child-thing is a huge challenge and leaves me with negative time to get away to write. Kind of funny, but after the last post where I put up the picture of Jolie at one week, Isaac jokingly said that maybe I can plan on only writing monumental posts from now on: like Jolie at 1 month, and 3 months, then at 6 months and 1 year. At this point, I’m thinking that might be a good goal to set for myself. 🙂

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The Birth Story

Jolie Ruth at 1 week

Having received a few requests for details on the birth, I realized that I never really had the chance to tell the story yet, as Isaac was the one who first reported on the whole event. It’s been over a week now, and I’ve had plenty of time between nursing and changing countless mustardy diapers to reflect on the night of September 27th and early morning hours of September 28th.

It was actually at 1 o’clock on Thursday morning that I woke up with some sort of cramping and couldn’t go back to sleep. What I thought might be contractions lasted for a solid 3 hours before the pain localized to my right side. I tried desperately to remember whether or not that’s where my appendix was, and wondered if what I was experiencing was appendicitus. I decided against calling Isaac and telling him to get on the ferry first thing. Instead, I took some of Sophia’s children’s Equate brand acetaminophen and tried in vain to sleep until it was late enough to call the clinic to ask for some advice. The midwife returned my call and told me that if I wanted, I could come in at noon and she’d check to see if I had advanced at all since my appointment on Monday, where I was 60 percent effaced and dialated to 2 cm. I called Isaac to let him know I was going in because I might be experiencing some early labor but wasn’t sure.

At 10 o’clock my mom and I took Sophia next door to the library, where they were having their monthly craft time for little ones. I danced and clapped along to the songs with Sophia, sat with her during story time, and then assisted her in making a placemat for her craft. There were several other moms there, a couple of whom declared that even though my due date was just a week away, it didn’t look like I’d be having the baby anytime soon. Little did they know…

I went straight from craft time to the clinic, where the midwife checked and saw that I was now dialated to 3 cm and 80% effaced. Her suggestion was, “Call your husband and let him know that if he wants to be here for the birth, he’d better get over here.” So I did. I called and totally surprised him during his lunch hour telling him he’d have to catch the next possible float plane over to Ketchikan. The midwife also advised me to go buy some Tylenol PM and take a nap, so that’s exactly where I was when Isaac arrived at 3:30 – napping. I slept until about 5 and woke up without contractions. I started feeling a little nervous that maybe labor wasn’t really underway, and that Isaac had jumped on that plane a little too soon… He and I took a long walk around downtown Ketchikan, ate dinner with Mom and Sophia back at the apartment, and I was able to fall asleep around 9:30 p.m.

At 11:30 p.m. a gush of water woke me up, and it didn’t take me long (this time) to realize that I hadn’t wet the bed. I took a shower and waited through contractions until close to 1:00, when I woke Isaac up to take me to the hospital. The contractions were ranging from 2 to 4 minutes apart, and were lasting about 30 seconds. Isaac called the hospital to let them know we were coming in, and by 1:30 a.m. I was checked in. The nurse checked and reported that I was dialated to 6 cm.

The midwife showed up around 2:00. She and the two nurses waited with me as I “he” breathed through my contractions. Isaac helped me take a hot shower and around 3:30 I felt the urge to push becoming stronger and stronger. The nurses started to prep for the delivery. At around 3:45, the midwife wanted to check and see if I was at 10, but it was too late because I told her I needed to push, and I did. The head crowned. The next contraction came and I pushed again; the entire top of the head came out. And then….the contractions stopped. With the head stuck, my body decided it was done. I told the midwife that I thought my contractions had stopped and she suggested that I feel the head to see how much I’d have to push on my own to get the rest of it out. I did, and pushed the head, and then the shoulders and rest of the body out in two more pushes. At 3:50, Jolie Ruth Martin made her grand entrance into this world, and I was instantly in love with our little girl, Sophia’s sister.

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The Best Example Ever

If you know this man, I don’t have to tell you that he loves his girls more than life itself. 3 1/2 years ago when we said our vows, I never could have imagined that in such a short time I would be sharing him with 2 other girls and loving it so much. Already he’s the perfect example of what they will search for one day in a husband, and nothing could make me happier.

There are times throughout the day when he reminds me that he hasn’t gotten a chance to hold Jolie very much. He calls dibs on getting to read stories to Sophia. He spends extra time before bed telling his girls stories of himself and their uncle Freddy from when they were little boys. For him, fatherhood is an adventure bigger than anything he’ll ever experience anywhere else. And all his girls are happy to have him.

Thank you my love.

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