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I received the gift of 2 toddler-free nesting hours this morning from a good friend and neighbor here in Thorne Bay. It just dawned on me the other day that instead of using an old tooth-brush to clean the rim around the kitchen sink just days before our new arrival, I will instead be in a tiny apartment with my mom and daughter, watching DVDs and reading books and (hopefully) not scrubbing the bottom of someone else’s refrigerator. So, when the offer came to take Sophia off of my hands, I gladly accepted and used the time to get as much done as one can in two hours. Bottom line, though, is that I’m not ready. But that’s ok, because truthfully, I don’t think anyone is ever ready to welcome a new person into their lives, no matter how many onesies are washed, or drawers are organized, or blankets are folded.

We head for Ketchikan early tomorrow morning, Sophia and I. I’m pretty sure she knows we’re going, and that we’ll be waiting for the baby to be born, and that we’ll get to meet Oma there. I’m also pretty sure that she doesn’t know the part about her Papa not coming with us. It’s been hard on her to have him gone so many hours each day. On Wednesday when he was getting ready to do his master’s course via teleconference, Sophia picked up on the fact that even though he JUST got home he’d be leaving again, and she gave him a stern look and said, “No go, Papa!” Of course he had no choice but to go, but did so with a heart torn to pieces.

We know that God has a perfect plan for us, but please keep us in your prayers these next few days, weeks, as we discover what that plan is. Thanks for your comments and letters and packages and love. We appreciate it all.

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