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We were able to stay in our house for a couple of nights, but are now back in the apartment waiting for new carpet to be installed. Let’s just say that the cats of the previous years in that house left behind lots of presents for the new tenants… In the time we were there, though, Sophia kept us laughing and was a constant reminder to take everything lightly – especially the big stuff.

Sophia sat at the table eating snack while I organized some stuff in the kitchen, when she announced that she had to go potty. I told her to go and then come back to finish her food. She then said, “I have to take my bib off, though.” To which I responded, “You can just leave it on Sweetie, you don’t really need to take it off just to go potty.” She tore off the bib and hopped off of her chair and said, “Don’t worry Mama. It’s gonna be ok.” (Potty training, by the way, is going well. Although last night she allowed herself to wet her pants because she didn’t want to take a break from eating her ice cream.)


The other night we took a bath together and all of a sudden I felt so dehydrated that I called to Isaac to bring me a glass of water. “There’s LOTS of water here,” Sophia said. “Yeah, but I don’t want to drink this water,” I responded. “Why,” she asked, “You don’t want to want to drink the pee?”

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Berries to Ferries

Sophia and I sat in a Taxi Cab in Juneau waiting as Isaac slowly but surely backed our truck and trailer out of the ferry to make room for a couple of 40′ trailers hauling vacuum sealed fish. Our taxi driver sat quietly as the meter ticked on. Sophia tried to engage him in conversation by talking about the boat we were just on and would be on again shortly. “That’s a big boat, huh?” she asked. Not receiving any response, she tried again, “That’s a big boat right there, Mr…..Man. Hey, Mr. Man, that’s a big boat. Mr. Man, excuse me, Mr. Man. You see that boat right there? It’s a big one. It’s a huge one. Mr. Man! Right there on the water! Right there Mr. Man!” Mr. Man had no clue she was trying to talk to him, which made me laugh even more. Since then she’s been practicing saying “sir” in place of “Mr. Man”, as the latter doesn’t seem to be too effective for her.

With all that’s been going on, it’s hard for me to figure out how much Sophia is understanding. She knows we have a new home, and has even expressed many times how much she likes it (we got to tour it today). But then there are other times when she says things that I can’t really interpret, even though she speaks clearly enough. Yesterday, as we walked up to the school she announced all of a sudden, “Right here smells like dog. I like that it smells like dog here.” And then there are times that I try and try but cannot make out what she’s trying to say. She had pulled a loose thread off of her jammies on the ferry and was calling it a “Bee bee.” A what? “A Frudjoo.” A Frudjoo? “You know, a Gabaa.” She really did call it each of these names before I just came to terms with the fact that she must enjoy messing with me.

But whether she understands it completely or not, we’re here. In our new town – slowly meeting new friends and forming a new life. I don’t want her to forget what made up the first 2 and 1/2 years of her life, though, which is why the pictures below are all the more important to me. She and I spent about 4 consecutive days a couple of weeks ago visiting the salmonberry bushes behind our house in Valdez finding bigger and better berries each time. She picked the ones that were low enough, and pointed out the ones she couldn’t reach. Her favorite moment, I’m sure, is when I found one with a HUGE slug on the backside and screamed.  She laughed and laughed and told the story to Papa as soon as she saw him.  So I’m pretty sure she understood that.

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Totem Poles in Kasaan

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

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Best Welcome Ever

Seems the sunny weather waited on us. It’s been beautiful since the minute we got here, and we’ve had many chances already to see some of the differences between Southeast and Southcentral Alaska: like the Cherry and Apple trees in the backyard of the house where we’re staying, and the deer and thimbleberries that seem to rule the island. We know that rain is on its way, but we’re definitely enjoying the sun while we can.

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Scenery where we stopped on our first night at Mentasta Lodge.

Some ferry fun.

We arrived in Thorne Bay last night just before 8:00 p.m. and despite all the fun she had, Sophia was just plain ready for the trip to be over. The drive to Haines seemed long, especially since we left one day later than we’d hoped to.  The ferry ride was relaxing and gave us all a chance to rest and talk and enjoy the beautiful sites of Southeast Alaska together.  The views were spectacular.

We are still waiting on a house here, but should be in it by Thursday at the latest.  In the meantime we’re enjoying a million dollar view of the bay.

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