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Sophia and I are playing a game while I type. I have my feet up on the coffee table and the computer in my lap. She walks up to my legs and says, “Excuse me, Mom. EXCUSE ME!” and then I say, “Go around please.” Then she asks, “Should I go around?” and I say yes, then she hums a tune all the way to the other side of my legs and says, for the millionth time, “Excuse me, Mom.” When she finally gets tired of the game, she attempts to climb over me but stops dead center and announces, “I’m sitting on your legs, Mom!” When I say, “I know. It hurts.” Her response is, “Oh.”

She says that a lot, lately: Oh. Like when she tells me that her horse needs some lotion on its tail to make it softer, and I say no because that will make it all slimy and yucky, she says, “Oh.” Or when she then announces that she needs to put some on its legs for the same reason, and I respond with the same answer, she says, “Oh.” I love this honesty that 2 year olds have. Instead of just going and getting the lotion, she tattles on herself so that I have the opportunity to say, “No.” The other day she came down the hall saying, with a mouth stuffed full of the tums she took out of my camping pack, “Mama, I haf yo medsin”. A handful of drooly tums later I got to remind her that Mama’s medicine isn’t good for her, no matter how “yummy” it may taste.

She’s also taken to calling me “Miss Mom”. There are many people she addresses with a “Miss” or a “Mr.”, so it’s become natural for her to call us that as well. Although Papa is not called Mr. Papa, but rather Mr. Isaac (or just Isaac), despite my attempts to get her to call him otherwise. Last night as we packed up box after box of our stuff, she announced to us every few minutes what she was doing, “Hey Miss Mom, Mr. Isaac. Hey. I made a snake. I made a red snake with my crayon. I made a red snake on the paper!” Now it may sound like this is a complaint but it’s really a blessing because these types of games require little to no physical energy on my part, which is just what the doctor ordered.

I found out last week that all of this moving stuff and getting the house ready to sell has given me an umbilical hernia. So I do as much as I can until it hurts too much, then I sit down and find something useful to do in my sedentary state. The most useful thing I’ve found to do has been to play these repetition games with Sophia. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time.


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Outfit: Part II of II

You can’t see it in these pictures, but this is the baby that Sophia tried to feed a yogurt covered raisin to. She shoved it so far up in his mouth that it’s now impossible to retrieve. She loves it anyway, though, and still remains faithful to trying to put that pacifier in its mouth.

We got our second package from Auntie Annie a couple of days ago. This shirt, along with a special birthday surprise for me were in it. Goes to show that it is never too late to send a belated gift (which is not-so-good news for me, because I seem to have missed quite a few birthdays this year…I’ll blame it on the move). 😉

Speaking of our move, only 8 more packing days to go before we hit the road.  Wow, I better get off the computer.

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Isaac, after having experienced crystal clear water and sunshine early morning up in Thompson Pass, decided we three needed to head back up there and enjoy the day hiking and fishing. We got there around noon expecting great weather, but instead were met by wind and cold and clouds overhead. Sophia was a real trooper throughout almost the whole hike around the lake. At one point she slipped in the mud and her Carhartts got wet up to her knee, and after she stood up and tried to continue walking, both of her feet got stuck in the mud and then she was done. She wanted no more of what we had in store for her, and so she cried at first, but then was just silent and tried to ignore our requests for her to follow us back around the lake to the truck.

Before the traumatic mud event, though, we did have a lot of fun up there. The hike was exciting. We had to cross a river and maneuver around a rocky hillside to the shore of the lake where Sophia and I sat on the rocky sand and ate the salmon berries she and I picked that morning. Isaac fished and Sophia was wrapped up in his sweatshirt to help keep the wind from chilling her bones. She looked like she belonged in the movie Willow or Lord of the Rings.

On our way back, after Sophia had stopped being so mad at us for her cold fingers and wet legs, we watched a Widgeon fly right past us over the water. It was so close that we could really see how beautiful it was. As we craned our necks to watch it land, we heard a gunshot at close range and hurried back to the truck, morbidly wondering all the way what would have happened if one of us had gotten shot, but being very glad that we hadn’t.

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Sneak Peak

We had hoped to have only one ultrasound, but since the first one showed that I might have a condition called Placenta Previa, the doctor wanted to do a follow up one to make sure everything was moving in the right direction. Everything looks fine, she says, but the baby’s head is pretty low, which would explain the pressure I’ve been feeling lately.

The main difference between the ultrasound we had yesterday and the one we had a couple of months ago is that we were able to see the little one’s beautiful face. Isaac’s first words to me this morning were said to remind me of the fact that we got to see our little one yesterday. The perfect way to start our day.

11 more weeks to go!  For a comparison click here.

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I had been 22 for just over a week and I had recently met the man of my dreams, with whom I knew I would spend the rest of my life, when I began the journey that has just yesterday come to a close. For some reason, God placed me in a shop full of men – some old, some younger…one I even rode the bus with to school in Palmer. I had gone there with the intention of spending 10 weeks and then returning to Anchorage where I would continue going to UAA, but that 10 weeks turned to four years and here we are.

The woman who took my position asked me if I was sad at all to be leaving, and after a little thought my answer was no, because it’s always sad for me to be at work and away from my baby girl. But then, during my last few days there, I realized how many people I really wanted to say goodbye to.  I must have hugged about 50 dirty coverall-wearing guys who all remind me in part of my own dad, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of how they all have been like “dads” to me, or “big brothers” even. And as the majority of them got a little teary-eyed saying goodbye to me, I found myself doing the same.

The shop had a good-bye party for me on Saturday. They aren’t a very emotional group, as you can imagine any group of mechanics would be, but they did say that they feel like they’ve watched me grow up. They were some of the first to hear that I was engaged, saw my pictures from our wedding, and heard that I would be bringing a new life into the world, and also some of the first people to hear that I’d lost my brother. They said they hated to see me go, but they knew I had a good reason. And I know I do, too.

It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I don’t have to go back. I keep reminding myself by telling Sophia every couple of hours, “Guess what?!” “What?”, she asks. “Mama’s home now, for good.”

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Outfit: Part I of II

Sophia received a package yesterday from her Auntie Annie in Burney, that had taken a detour to her house. Turns out that Grandma Becky had accidentally sent a couple of outfits to the wrong address – so Annie forwarded the first one on to us. The second has yet to arrive. But isn’t she cute in her new t-shirt and shorts? These pictures are for you Annie, in response to your request in your letter to Phia.

Thanks Grandma for the cute clothes!!!

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We received official word today that Isaac passed his Praxis II Social Studies Exam and is now certified to teach not only English, but Social Studies as well! His score was even 25% higher than it needed to be, proving how brilliant he really is.

Congratulations my love! Another obstacle down, not so many more to go. 🙂

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