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I used to listen to public radio all the time, and every once in a while I’d catch the section where families and friends in rural alaska would communicate messages over the radio that their loved ones could hear as long as they had radio reception. Common ones I used to hear were of people out on a trip letting their family back home know that they would be home soon. Or just the opposite – of family members letting the traveler know that all is well with hopes this person would make it home safely. This morning I thought about how my husband is far, far away with really no way to get ahold of me, or me of him. So, if I could send out a community radio message to tell him that we’re thinking of him, it would sound like this:

From Katie and Sophia in Valdez to Papa on Cottonwood Creek:
The weather’s been great until today.
Sophia’s first question after you left was, “Papa be right back?”
Hope you caught lots of fish.
The wildflowers are awaiting your return.
We miss you tons.
And love you ‘so much’.
Come home soon.
Happy Father’s Day.

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