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Apparently, Sophia was bitten by something that we believe wasn’t a mosquito. Maybe a noseum (sp?) or a whitesocks? Or even a spider? All we know is that we’ve been having lots of pity for this little girl who now seems to have a golf ball stuffed way up in her cheek.

So, that’s one of the things we experienced this weekend, but there were others…

I wrote something last week that I didn’t have a chance to finish, but wanted to include a part of it in this post so that I could tell you all the ending to the story you don’t (yet) know anything about ~

When you spend mulitiple consecutive days saying that, “Today is by far the best day of my life”, you know two things: 1) You are a very blessed person, and 2) You are bound to start your descent sooner or later. Besides going bike riding 18,000 times in the past two weeks in fair to great weather, going camping with good friends and watching our daughter (who has a great arm, by the way) throw rocks into a lake, we hung out together. We accomplished things together – like burning a brush pile the size of a small house down to nothing – and had lots of fun doing so. Which, of course, made the first not-so-great day seem much stormier than it actually was. We found out that our insurance company isn’t going to pay anything for the leak that we have in our roof, because the damage was caused by an ice-dam and was therefore considered “gradual damage” which isn’t covered in our policy. 😦 Doesn’t change the fact of course that we still have a roof over our heads (however leaky), food on the table, and love in our hearts. This realization took a while to actual manifest itself in my brain, which is why I’m practicing the art of blessing-counting, especially after a storm such as this.

The day after I wrote this we got a visit from our good friend Andrew who was in town with a co-worker scoping out a roof job. They stopped by the house, looked at our roof, and told us it wouldn’t take much to fix it. In fact, he probably had everything it would take laying around the shop back in Anchorage. By the end of the day, he had called and told us that he would be out here over the weekend to help us fix it. He brought his beautiful wife Julie who played with Sophia while the 2 guys tackled the job, and even found time to put up some trim around the outside windows. And even though I had to work, I enjoyed the time that Julie and I had a chance to chat about our pregnancies (she’s due about 5 weeks after me).

I can’t thank them enough for their sacrifice! It is so amazing how God makes things work out in ways that we could never in a million years foresee. Praise the Lord! This was a good reminder to keep counting those blessings, no matter what!

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