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Mama Hold You

“Look Mama! A big airplane! Airplane, air…air…ear…ear hurt big airplane.” Even after spending 8 days with family down in California, Sophia still remembered the biggest part of our trip down to L.A. – the pain. We sat in the car on our way to LAX, and Sophia calmly recollected what she’d gone through in the last big plane. It was a wonder she wasn’t scared to get on the next one to fly home. I was a little smarter on the trip home, though – don’t tell TSA, but I smuggled some Sudafed on board that worked like a charm. She slept for the entire 4 1/2 hour flight, which, as my sister– or brother-in-law can tell you, is a wonder in itself.

There’s something about having an independent child that makes you want her to be more dependent on you. Like when she seizes every opportunity to be with someone else – away from you – for as long as you will allow it; or when the only time you can snuggle with her is when she is sleeping. There’s also something, however, that makes you wonder why you ever wanted such a thing the moment they fall ill and refuse to be touched by anyone but you. (Seriously, Sophia, isn’t there a middle-ground somewhere?) Just a few days ago as we visited my mom (Oma) in Anchorage, Sophia sneezed and Oma, God forbid, blessed her. “No, Mama bless me,” was her response, which she followed with a pretend sneeze so that I could do my duty as her mother to be the sole blesser of all of her sneezes. Egad.

I am doing my best, though, to enjoy this time of dependency. After all, it could be over any second and then I’ll be forced to dwell on how she doesn’t need me.

More pictures and commentary of our trip in the days to come. The princess has just awakened and has requested “Mama hold you”.

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