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For Christmas I received an Anthropologie gift certificate from my mother-in-law, which I was ecstatic to receive, yet it was hard for me to use. First of all because I found out I was pregnant just over a month later and didn’t want to get something that wouldn’t fit anyway, and secondly because, although I think their clothes are very interesting and unique, it is just hard to pick one thing that you love enough to spend 100, or 200, or in some cases even 400 dollars on (I’m talking about individual pieces of clothing here). Finally, a couple of weeks ago I was browsing through their monthly catalog and saw itthe sweatshirt. Beautiful colors and patterns, simple enough style. I used my gift card to buy it, and then waited patiently for its arrival. I must say that it’s a bit snug around the tummy, but I love it anyways. Thank you Becky, for the nice Christmas gift.

(As you can see from the picture, not only do I love my sweatshirt, but Sophia’s still lovin’ that helmet, too.)

I meant to get on here yesterday and write a few funny things that we’ve been experiencing with Sophia lately, but I was too caught up in reading stories and crocheting to actually force myself to sit in front of a computer. So, here’s a little of what’s been making us laugh lately:

Papa was playing the guitar the other night, singing and having a grand old time. After a few minutes of it Sophia tried to get his attention by calling out, “Papa! Papa!” When he finally stopped to answer her she said, “Don’t sing the guitar, Papa. It’s too loud.”


One day last week Sophia had an idea for a game that she and her Papa could play, and so she asked in every way she could imagine:




“All fall down?”

As if to say, Do any of these ring a bell to you? If so, can we play that game?


She’s also been doing this thing lately where she’ll tell me to remember to do something or to please not do something, which she follows up with Okay? I put her down for a nap the other day and then went into the bathroom to start a load of laundry, and not 10 seconds into it she says, Please be quiet, I try to sleep! Okay?!. On the same day she was telling me Please member close the door, kay?! Kay, Mama? Well, I didn’t really see a door that had to be closed so I just kind of said, Okay and left it at that. That was obviously the bad choice because she came over to and swatted me, saying, That’s a spank, Mama.

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