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Math Question

A woman, with an office job, who sits in her office chair for 12 hours a day, is 19 weeks, 1 day pregnant. How much water does she need to consume to keep her from retaining water and her legs from swelling up?

Or should she just do like the managers do, and sit all day with her feet propped up on her desk?

Or does she simply have to start wearing control pantyhose?

I talked to a friend of mine a few days ago who’s also pregnant and lives in Minnesota, where they have been experiencing VERY warm days (in the 80s – for those of you in Morocco, or L.A. or some other generally warm place). She is currently somewhere around 34 weeks along and is under doctor’s orders to wear contol hose every day. Even in the intense heat. I have this crazy picture of her in my head with her usual summer wear: cut-off shorts, a tank-top and sandals, but with a pair of nylons on underneath. I think maybe I’ll just wear mine, too, and be grateful that our thermometer reads 50 at its peak these days (IF I can remember to put them on at 4:30 in the morning, which hasn’t happened yet).

Our days have been cool, but pleasant. Little rain, but lots of clouds, and the occasional peek-a-boo from the sun. We’ve been spending as many evenings as possible (meaning those where I don’t give in to the temptation to just sit on the couch all evening) out on our bikes, with Sophia riding behind Isaac in her new bike seat. She loves it, but more than she loves the riding part she loves the helmet-wearing part. Any time spent at home for her lately is one with her shiny read bike helmet, mounted backwards on her head. If she doesn’t have it on, she doesn’t get too far into whatever she’s doing before stopping to ask, “Wait, where’s my helmet?” And then rushes off to find where she had left it because, after all, tasks like coloring and trying to use the potty and feeding her baby dolls can be quite hazardous and might just require some head protection. And hey, it might just make me worry less about her tripping and hitting her head on the coffee table or something.

 If anything, it makes me laugh and keeps my mind off those swollen legs of mine.  🙂 

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