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So, the reason we went down to L.A. last week: a wedding. We found out at the end of March/beginning of April that Isaac’s cousin (who also happens to be one of my very best girlfriends) was to be married. With Grandma’s help, we made arrangements for me and Sophia to travel South to wish her and her soon-to-be husband a life filled with love, in person. The week was packed full of different events: from the bridal shower, to the rehearsal, to the wedding itself. We never found ourselves without some sort of event to get ready for, even if it was just dinner out with family.

The wedding day arrived and turned out to be the hottest day of our stay there! Although I never saw an actual thermometer that day, I heard it reached way into the 80s. But, as I heard many others say that day, better that than rain.

Corie was a beautiful bride, and Justin a handsome groom. Together, they took on each obstacle with such grace. I remember at one point noticing that Justin, in his dark Army Uniform, didn’t even break a sweat. While I, on the other hand, red-faced, didn’t venture far from the shade and when I did it was to offer Sophia some more water. Another thing that impressed me so much was seeing the two of them, with heads bowed, asking a blessing for their meal amidst all the wedding reception chaos.

At the bridal shower, Grammy prayed the most beautiful prayer over Corie. I don’t remember her exact wording, but I recall her requesting that Jesus build a hedge of thorns around their relationship with Him in their marriage, so that if they ever begin to stray from His guidance, that they couldn’t go far without realizing where they really needed to be. Ever since I heard those words I’ve been praying for the same in my own marriage – that the Lord would love me and my husband enough to keep us on the right path, whatever the cost.

It was a gorgeous wedding; I’m glad we got to be there.

(The first, third, and fifth pictures shown above were taken by Charif.)

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