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A Perfect Day

Saturday was the first full day we spent together as a family in about three weeks. It was better than I ever could have imagined it. I met my goal last week of getting up before Sophia everyday, so Saturday was a great excuse to wait for Isaac to bring my baby girl into the bed so that we could cuddle. Breakfast was divine, of course, french toast with yoghurt and berries and real maple syrup. We took a drive to “Old Town Valdez”, which is where the town was prior to the earthquake of ’64, and walked the trail all the way back to the water.

A large part of it Sophia got to walk herself. The snow was nice and compacted, so she was able to keep up pretty good. We were amazed by the warm weather, which hit a high of 41 degrees, so we all enjoyed a little time without our big coats.

I’ve lived in Alaska almost my entire life, but I never cease to be amazed by its beauty. As we walked the trail back to the water, only our voices could be heard, the rest was silence created by the thick layer of snow all around us. And to think, God made this for our enjoyment. He knew we would need beauty, so he created so much that one person could never see all of it on this earth, even if they tried.

Sophia loved the birds, and the water, and really didn’t want to leave, but the wind started to pick up and the shelter of the trees on the trail was a big relief. Back at home, we ate soup for lunch and all took naps.

A perfect day, if you ask me.

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