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Tears to Jammies

It’s amazing that when I think about yesterday evening, it seems like 2 totally different evenings to me. I think if Sophia had the vocabulary, she’d say the same. Isaac started a new job yesterday at the High School that will last until the end of May, which meant that Sophia was at the babysitter. It’s very hard for her to nap when she’s at others’ houses, so she didn’t get one, which meant that she fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed asleep for nearly 2 hours before Isaac got her up. She was NOT a happy camper 20 minutes later when I walked through the door. She could not be consoled – other than to hold her on the couch, in complete silence. I was starving and really didn’t feel like having to sit, waiting to eat while a 2 year old girl took 30 minutes to adjust to being awake after sleeping 2 hours. So I suggested that we put her in her crib and she could just sleep more if that’s what she wanted to do. Well, she cried and cried and was finally quiet, so Isaac ventured back to her room to see if she was ready to join the family. Here’s how their conversation went:

Isaac: Sophia, are you ready to come out and eat dinner with us.

Sophia: No.

Isaac: Do you want to just stay in your bed then.

Sophia: No.

Isaac: I think you better just stay in your bed.

Sophia: No, no, no!

Isaac: Are you ready to come out then?

Sophia: Yeah.

He picks her up and carries her through the hall.

Isaac: Are you ready to tell Mama that you love her?

Sophia buries her head in his chest and tries to avoid eye contact with me.

I made her sit with me at our “breakfast bar” (which is actually more like a meal bar, since we don’t really have a kitchen table) and she shared my food with me. After we ate, she was in good spirits and sat in my lap on the couch and even giggled at Isaac’s antics as he recounted his first day at his new job. I got up at one point to get some water and noticed a box on the counter…from Grandma Becky! Sophia, when asked, was very ready to open it up and was overjoyed to see all of what her Grandma had sent. And she was so, so happy about her new jammies. After she had them on she danced around the living room and sang a song she quickly thought up called, “New Jammies”. We were even happier for those jammies, considering they are the zip up, button at top, kind that she hasn’t figured out how to take off yet (just yesterday morning, Isaac found her completely naked in her bed when he went to get her up!)

So thank you Grandma, for the much needed stuff (and the extra fun stuff), and thank the Lord for bad evenings gone good!

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I swear this girl gets funnier by the second.

It’s been really windy, dry, and cold here in Valdez the past 3-4 weeks. This morning as I walked from the house door to the car door, I smelled something I haven’t smelled since we moved here: static. And it does have a smell. I remember figuring out as a small child what it was, and since then, I’ve placed it in the group of “smells I dislike the most”. It’s hard to explain – and Valdez is usually such a wet place, even in the winter – but that moisture has been sucked out of here, leaving us with static. Needless to say, it’s been somewhat of a chore to venture outside these days. But I do it, and when Isaac’s not at home to keep Sophia inside, she goes with me – all bundled up from head to toe in her stroller. Tuesday was my first day back at work, and one of the first questions Isaac asked her that morning was if she’d like to go outside. “No!” she said. When he asked her why, she said, “Too COLD!” It’s really not her fault she has a mother with such a strong desire to go outside everyday, even in this weather.


Last week, we had our second Prenatal Appointment at the clinic. Sophia intently watched as the doctor and a medical student visiting from New York rubbed goo all over my belly with the sonogram machine. It took a while, but they found a heartbeat. One of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I don’t think Sophia knew what to listen for, but the steady swish-swish-swishing was there, right between 160 and 170 beats per minute. The doctors left for a few minutes, and immediately, Sophia wanted “Up, up!” onto the examining bed. She lay herself back onto the crunchy paper pillow and sheet, lifted up her shirt all the way to her chin, pointed at the machine they had left on the counter while rubbing her belly, and asked, “Sophia baby tummy?”

She’s somehow convinced she has one in there, too. 🙂


Last night, while we were busily doing our bills on the couch in the living room, Sophia roamed from here to there, playing a little of this and a little of that. Obviously we were a little too entranced in our work because at some point, she was all of a sudden right behind us, sitting in a chair at the table right behind the couch. I had a bowl of fancy “tea chocolates” up there, and Sophia found one that she wanted to open. By the time I saw her with chocolate in hand (she chose dark chocolate – just like her mama would), she already had it unwrapped. “Sophia, what have you got there?” I asked in my I-already-know-what-you-have-so-you-better-just-hand-it-over tone. “Trash,” she said, as she, in one smooth movement, handed the wrappers to me with one hand, and popped the chocolate in her mouth with the other.

Let the record show that I did make her throw away her own trash.

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Craft Weekend

Sunday evening I returned from spending the weekend with some of my very best friends (including my mom) at the Alaskan Leopard B&B on the Hillside of Anchorage for a Scrapbook/Quilting/Sewing Weekend. The whole B&B was ours for the weekend, and was filled with laughter, discussion, movies, glasses of fine wine (for the ones who weren’t pregnant :)), great food, and lots of work on our different projects. I was able to complete the first in a series of scrapbooks on Isaac and my life together – starting with when we met and finishing with when we got married. I have a tendency to put together certain events in our life on album pages, and never really form them into an album, so it was very nice to feel that accomplishment.

It was wonderful having time to hang out with the girls. So much was discussed: love, family, births and deaths, funny memories, religion, and faith. Coming away from the weekend I realized that fellowship is not something that can only happen during Bible Study, or Church Service, it can happen anywhere. It happened this weekend, and it was something I needed more than I knew.

So, thanks girls – Staci, Jacquelyn, Jessica, and Mom – for joining me on our get away. Can’t wait to do it again (soon).

p.s. I’ll try to post pictures soon. Blogger’s not cooperating with me, again.

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Last week I mentioned not getting to post something that I was working on – well, here it is. This day was recorded last Thursday, March 1.


It’s Thursday morning, at about 4:25, just before my alarm goes off. Sophia wakes up from a coughing fit she’s been having off and on for the past few hours and finally starts to cry. Isaac gets her and puts her in bed between us and I reset my alarm for another 10 minutes hoping she’ll fall asleep in that time so that I’m able to get up without her wanting to get up as well. She clears her nose by breathing in and out of it really hard and fast and eventually plops her head down on my pillow and relaxes (she prefers my pillow over Isaac’s, for some reason). By the time I get myself up out of bed, her breaths are steady and she is asleep. When I come to kiss Isaac goodbye she’s has happy as can be snuggled up against her Papa.

She is finally fully awake by 7. As routine will have it, she requests a banana just like she has for the past 300 days in a row. She sits on the couch and slowly wakes up to a Baby Einstein movie.

Now that she’s had a chance to wake up, she wants breakfast. Breakfast changes day to day, but today she’s offered eggs and she nods her head and says, “With ketchup!” She scarfs them down with her big appetite, and is now ready for bigger and better things.

She gets a little morning reading in.

Takes a shower…
…making sure to wash those shower walls extra good. 🙂

Requests a blanket because she is FREEZING!
Dresses and brushes those pearly whites. And then it’s time to go outside.
Uh-oh. Bad fall. But even worse since Papa has taken an extra few seconds to snap a photo of the event. Poor thing. But he’ll soon make it up to her with a special surprise.

Sophia wonders where they could be going…

The Animal Shelter?!!!! Hooray!
The Animal Shelter! We’ve been reading Curious George and the Puppies a lot lately, so this little girl knows exactly what animal shelters are all about (or at least what kids should now about them). She loves seeing the kitties, the puppies, the big dogs and the turtle.
She teases the dogs by holding the treats a little to far from their lips so they really have to try to press through the cage wall to get to them. She doesn’t realize she’s teasing, of course – she probably just doesn’t want to get too close to those enormous teeth – ouch!

The trip is a success. Sophia’s happy as a jaybird, although a little worn out, from their little excursion.
So worn out, in fact, that she drifts off to sleep and stays that way for a few hours…

At around 6:00 I pull into the driveway and park underneath the carport. I’m greeted by a big smile and the one single word that makes my heart leap from my chest, “Mama!” We eat pepper steak, mashed potatoes, and salad, and then disrobe the little girl to free her from her mashed potato mess! Jammies on, story read (Curious George – to recap the day’s events), teeth brushed, and back in bed, at about 7:30. Sophia’s bedtime is always a good time, because it means Mama’s bedtime will follow shortly after.

A day in the life of US, when I’m at work.

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Sophia came out into the living room after her attempted nap, and wanted one of the balloons off of the ceiling so bad. It took her a little while to realize that there were a bunch on the floor waiting for her to play with them.

The birthday princess.

Isn’t she the most beautiful birthday girl ever?

The only game played at the party: Ring Around The Rosie.

Sophia, as well as the rest of the girls, loved the doll cake. The only problem was, I had to blow out the candles before Sophia could even try to. For a lack of a more convenient place to put the two candles, I decided to make it look like the doll was holding the candles. The candles burned down far enough while we were singing that it actually started to burn one of its hands and emit some black smoke. The girls looked pretty horrified that I was burning the doll, but rest assured that it only got a little charred.

One of the funniest moments of the event was when Isaac asked Stacie (pictured far left), after having discussed our upcoming addition, if she thought she’d ever be ready for a “number 2”. Being that Stacie was currently involved in a different conversation, her response to him was, “Excuse me?!”

Sophia and her buddies. From left to right: Elaina holding her sister Sarah, Kailyn, and Anna.

From a Mom’s point of view, I think it was a success. Messes were made, sweets were devoured, and the girls all played very nice together. And, no one cried the entire time – not even baby Sarah. 🙂

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How Lucky We Are

First of all, it is a miracle that this picture is up for viewing, as Blogger hasn’t been letting us upload photos lately. I had a post that I was working on to put up yesterday, but because of the picture uploading problem, it will have to wait until later. In the meantime, here is a picture our friend Sheila sent us from a couple of weeks ago when we all met at the local Chinese/Thai/Japanese restaurant to celebrate her husband Peter’s birthday. It was very nice of them to invite us, and we had lots of fun getting to chat with the family. Sheila has a grandbaby whose about 8 months younger than Sophia, so they had fun exchanging glances from their high chairs.

When I look at this picture I’m reminded how Sophia was such a good girl at the restaurant that day. I’m reminded that not all trips to restaurants are horrible, especially when good friends are around to help you keep those kids in check. Ever since Sophia was first born, we’ve been able to count on Peter, Sheila, and their family to provide us with all kinds of help, encouragement, and words of advice. So it is no surprise that we can meet them at a restaurant and find that Sophia is just as ready to listen to them as she is to us. How lucky we are to have such friends.

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I can’t believe it’s already March! Here are a couple of things that have kept me laughing and shaking my head in amazement this week.

After being picked up from the sitters house a couple of days ago, Sophia sat in the truck waiting for Isaac to get situated before driving away. Isaac could hear her talking to herself in the back seat, when all of a sudden she said, “Oh, oh, oh!” and then “Sssssssss, Ohhhhhhhh, two, ssssss, ohhhhhh, two”. Not knowing what she was trying to say, he looked back and saw that she was pointing in the direction of the next house down, which was number 502.

What a little smarty.

Last night during dinner, I was attempting to get Sophia to eat a bite of her asparagus, which she clearly did not want to do. At first she shook her head back and forth, and then moved her head as far away from the fork she could in the opposite direction, and then, finally, she went limp and hung her head so that her chin rested on her chest, closed her eyes and quietly said, “Peep,” which is how she says “sleep”.

At least she’s creative about it. 🙂

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