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Seeing Sarah

We had the pleasure of meeting Miss Sarah Suzanne last night, born Monday at 11:23 p.m. Easily one of the most beautiful new borns I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her skin tone is perfect. She is totally content. She resembles her sister Elaina, but has her own unique face that is just darling. Such beauty that makes your eyes well up with tears of joy.

As you can imagine, Sophia, too, was pretty impressed by this beautiful baby girl.

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Some things that are making me go into spontaneous laugh today:

A few days ago Isaac and I were talking on the couch together (our favorite place in the whole world) and I glanced over at Sophia, who happened to look up at me at the same time. Her eyes lit up, she cracked a slight grin, and started to back up a little bit. I looked back at Isaac and kept talking, but by the time I looked back over at her, she was laughing hysterically and running away, tripping over every toy and blanket while she desperately tried to find some sort of sanctuary from her crazy mother who was “chasing” her all throughout the house. This is what our chasing games have produced.


Last night I was on the phone with a friend and Sophia was playing nicely next to me, until she decided to climb up on the back of the couch and onto the blanket-fort that Isaac made her. If you’ve ever made one of these, you know how unstable the tops of these blanket-forts are, as they are made of only blanket. 🙂 Before she could fall into it, I pulled her back and scolded her about sitting nicely on the couch, and she could have gotten hurt, and please never do that again, which I ended with, “Okay?”. No response. “Okay, Sophia?” Nothing. “Sophia. Okay?” “Otaaaaaaaaaaay!” was her response. Made me feel like a total nag, but gave me a good laugh, too.


This morning Isaac told me about how he’d tried to engage Sophia in conversation (while she stared blankly at one of her Baby Einstein videos) by asking, “Sophia, where’s Mama?” She continued to stare at the TV but shrugged her shoulders. He asked again, yet her eyes did not move from the screen, and she shrugged. After he asked for the third time, she looked at him in the eyes, jerkily shrugged her shoulders, and then turned back to the TV. Did you not see me the first time, nor the second???

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We have quite the little chef roaming about our house these days. Her specialties are coffee, eggs, and juice, but they all have something in common: they are made from raisins. Don’t ask me how she does it, for I haven’t the slightest idea, but my daughter is able to magically tap a raisin on the edge of one of her hot pink plastic plates, and – voilà! – it is suddenly an egg that she is letting slither out of its cracked shell into a sizzling pan on the stove. Delightful.

If, at any given time, we develop the need to give Sophia something to do, we can say, “I sure would like some coffee right now (which is funny, because we don’t even drink coffee), Sophia, could you go and make me some?” And off she’ll go, so eager to please. So ready to perform her chefly duties. While cooking she’ll snack on her raisins until they are all gone, and then turn to ask, “Reena*, tup?”, which you may have guessed means “Can you put more raisins in my cup?”. We might want to research as to how many raisins should be eaten by an almost-2-year-old per day. But then again, we might not. 🙂

For Christmas she got a few new babies and lots of new baby gear, so she’s been dutifully performing her motherly tasks as well. And although she can be a bit neglectful at times with some of her children, I think she is a very good Mommy. I’ve even watched her some nights as she feeds her baby a “baboo” before she herself can fall asleep. As Isaac has said, “I never imagined I’d be a grandparent this early in life.”

*On a side note, “Reena” is a shortened form of the German Rosina (raisin).

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Snow, snow, and more snow

Sophia’s “best friend”.

Introducing him to one of her real best friends, Elaina.

I don’t know what we would have done without the help of these two girls. They are such good little workers!

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Elaina’s Eyes

We visited with Sophia’s friend Laina, as she calls her, today for a while. In an attempt to prove to her that I wasn’t going to use the flash while taking pictures of her (she despises the flash), I let her take a few pictures of her own. Not bad for 22 months old, if you ask me.

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In one weeks time, our house has served as a quarantine location for the common cold, the stomach flu, and even pink eye. It’s as if we’ve been served a smorgasbord of different diseases, from which our immune systems pick and choose where they’ll be defenseless.

Next week: flu shots. First thing.

But for now, we’ve recovered. Today, Sophia even had her first play date since we left California last week. And she slept through the night the past 2 nights in a row! Without Sudafed even! Hooray! It’s surprising, really, how the grass in your own yard gets greener while your trapped inside being sick. (That’s my own little saying that I just made up – but maybe I should have said snow instead of grass…and whiter instead of greener…but the point was made nonetheless.)

Speaking of snow, I hear much of Alaska broke some snowfall records this past week. Sophia helped me shovel the other day by carrying chunks of snow from the middle of the driveway over to the sides of it. She surprised me when she asked, “Zee, zee?” (which is Sophia-talk for the German sitzen which means “to sit”). “Where?” I asked, puzzled. Then she pointed at my shovel, turned around, stuck out her bottom, and let it fall into the shovel head. So I tilted it back and pushed her all over in the snow while she giggled and eventually fell off on one of the turns.

She seems to love to go outside because of the snow, but even more so because of the neighbor’s “Horses and Honies” (she can’t seem to say Pony). She gets to visit them once a day and feed them celery or carrots, or just say hi if we don’t have anything for them. Lately, she’s been pointing to the door in the evenings and asking after them. I just tell her they’re sleeping, and that’s good enough for her. It’s reasonable since it’s dark out at 6:00 that they’d be sleeping. I’m starting to wonder what the excuse will be in the summertime when it doesn’t get dark. Hmmm… At least I have the whole rest of the winter to figure that one out – while healthy, hopefully.

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Looking back on last week, I’d say we had a pretty great Christmas. Isaac’s whole (immediate) family made it up to N. California to celebrate Christ’s birth at his sister’s house. It was a comforable 30 degrees almost the entire time we were there, and we even got some snow on the day after Christmas! We were the first to show up, so Sophia got some individualized time with two of “the cousins” (we’ll call them Emonee and Yon-Yon to protect their true identities). Yon-Yon was Sophia’s superhero the whole time (notice how she’s staring at him in the picture at right), and you’d have thought that Emonee was her very own daughter the way she loved her and wanted to take care of her. No matter how many times Emonee tried to rip Sophia’s hair out from the root (Sophia apparently has some great hair for that), Sophia recovered with as much love or more for Emonee than before – but perhaps with a little more attention to Emonee’s little grabbers. After a couple of days, the other cousins Deet and Tallgirl showed up and made things even more exciting. I can only imagine the friendships that will evolve between the cousins throughout the years…

The family celebrated Christmas on the 26th, so on Christmas Day Isaac and I took advantage of our spare time and took a 6 hour roadtrip out West to see some countryside. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect and we took a different route back and drove on a very narrow country road where we saw deer and wild turkeys. It was certainly one of our favorite dates yet.

Sophia’s grandpa, or Pop-Pop, as we call him, dressed as Santa and surprised the kids with a visit and some stockings. Sophia enjoyed getting the stocking, but didn’t want to get too close to that weird bearded fellow. The day ended perfectly with a wonderful dinner lovingly prepared by Grandma. We are so happy and indeed blessed to have had the chance to share Christmas with family.

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I still want to post a little bit more about our trip before I return to “normal life” posts (I’m still kind of in that state of post-trip-reminiscence), but quickly, I wanted to mention the countdown clock I’ve added about vestation. Isaac asked me last night, “Is that even really a word?” And, or course, my answer was a bold, “YES!”, with justification being that we say it here at work. Then, after much thought, I realized how confused some people could become at the reading of it, and decided I would just tell you what it means.

Simply, vestation is the state of being vested in a company. Or, in my case, labor union. January 30th marks 5 years in the union to which I belong, ensuring that I will never lose the hours I’ve put in, and that I’ll receive a retirement check (however substantial) when I turn 60 years old.

This vestation was the reason I continued to work after my daughter was born. It’s also the reason Isaac’s been a stay-at-home dad this whole time and that I’ve been subject to this goofy schedule. It’s the second of the ten-thousand goals we seem to have accumulated in our time together (the first was getting our Kirby Vacuum paid off – woo hoo!). And soon, our next goal will be met. I just felt it deserved a final countdown.

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