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Some things that are making me go into spontaneous laugh today:

A few days ago Isaac and I were talking on the couch together (our favorite place in the whole world) and I glanced over at Sophia, who happened to look up at me at the same time. Her eyes lit up, she cracked a slight grin, and started to back up a little bit. I looked back at Isaac and kept talking, but by the time I looked back over at her, she was laughing hysterically and running away, tripping over every toy and blanket while she desperately tried to find some sort of sanctuary from her crazy mother who was “chasing” her all throughout the house. This is what our chasing games have produced.


Last night I was on the phone with a friend and Sophia was playing nicely next to me, until she decided to climb up on the back of the couch and onto the blanket-fort that Isaac made her. If you’ve ever made one of these, you know how unstable the tops of these blanket-forts are, as they are made of only blanket. 🙂 Before she could fall into it, I pulled her back and scolded her about sitting nicely on the couch, and she could have gotten hurt, and please never do that again, which I ended with, “Okay?”. No response. “Okay, Sophia?” Nothing. “Sophia. Okay?” “Otaaaaaaaaaaay!” was her response. Made me feel like a total nag, but gave me a good laugh, too.


This morning Isaac told me about how he’d tried to engage Sophia in conversation (while she stared blankly at one of her Baby Einstein videos) by asking, “Sophia, where’s Mama?” She continued to stare at the TV but shrugged her shoulders. He asked again, yet her eyes did not move from the screen, and she shrugged. After he asked for the third time, she looked at him in the eyes, jerkily shrugged her shoulders, and then turned back to the TV. Did you not see me the first time, nor the second???

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