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I still want to post a little bit more about our trip before I return to “normal life” posts (I’m still kind of in that state of post-trip-reminiscence), but quickly, I wanted to mention the countdown clock I’ve added about vestation. Isaac asked me last night, “Is that even really a word?” And, or course, my answer was a bold, “YES!”, with justification being that we say it here at work. Then, after much thought, I realized how confused some people could become at the reading of it, and decided I would just tell you what it means.

Simply, vestation is the state of being vested in a company. Or, in my case, labor union. January 30th marks 5 years in the union to which I belong, ensuring that I will never lose the hours I’ve put in, and that I’ll receive a retirement check (however substantial) when I turn 60 years old.

This vestation was the reason I continued to work after my daughter was born. It’s also the reason Isaac’s been a stay-at-home dad this whole time and that I’ve been subject to this goofy schedule. It’s the second of the ten-thousand goals we seem to have accumulated in our time together (the first was getting our Kirby Vacuum paid off – woo hoo!). And soon, our next goal will be met. I just felt it deserved a final countdown.

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