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Photo Shoot

Mama took me out for some pictures today.

She even let me wear the scarf Grandma Becky made her.

That’s a little too much sun, thank you very much!

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These Boots

Sometimes we get a chance to try on a different pair of boots for a while. Sometimes we do so to get to the next chapter in life.
Sometimes the boots we choose to wear allow us a sense of accomplishment.

Sometimes we’re glad when it’s coming time for a new pair.

717 days in these boots so far. I hope they can retire soon, but for now, they’re walking on air.

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While You Wait

I’ve added something to the last “Sophiecdotes” post (actually, Isaac did :)), so while you’re sitting around waiting for my vestation ticker to read “0 days”, go ahead and check it out.

Oh, and a quick story to illustrate why I never should have been a mother. A couple of nights ago we were out pulling Sophia on the sled around the block (it’s a mile long loop) and talking about how nice it is to go outside like that because we can have an uninterrupted conversation. Sophia can sit and enjoy the ride and we can just talk without having to stop every few minutes to say, “Oh, wow Sophia,” or get up to get her some raisins. Anyway, soon after I’d said that she started to say, “Go, Mama, go!” – letting me know that I needed to pull her faster. So I picked up speed and ran while she yelled, “Weeeeeeee!” and I got so caught up in the moment that I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so much fun to change direction all of a sudden and whip her around?” The answer, of course, is no. Not with a 25 lb girl. The sled quickly tipped, dumping her onto the ice and snow. You can imagine how she wailed, I’m sure, as we attempted to fish chunks of ice out of the collar of her jacket and brim of her hat. The only way we could console her was to ask her if she wanted to pull the sled on her own. So she did, for the remaining half-mile. It was a late night that night. (Our conversation, by the way, was interrupted every couple of minutes as one of us said, “Let’s go, Sophia. Come on, pull your sled faster!”)

This is what makes this undeserving mother so grateful that God gave her a chance at it, despite her downfalls:

 Click here to see the video.

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I must have said it a million times. I wanted a reason to start reading the Bible on a daily basis. I wanted to get involved in some kind of Bible study.

And then, *BAM*

Two studies at once.

Two studies at once?

Currently I am involved in an on-line study of David with my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. It is the study of the heart of David, the greatest king the Jews had before Jesus. Before I started reading 1 and 2 Samuel, I must admit that the sound of those books alone didn’t really lure me in. It took a study like this one to make me realize how much excitement and on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense exist in these two books. Plus, I am loving the accountability I get from my study group, and am having lots of fun “getting together” even when they live 4,000 miles away.

The other study, Beloved Disciple, will begin the 6th of February at my house, and will be based on the life of John. My friend Jennifer and I have been planning it for about 2 years now and it finally came together, but this was before I knew I would also be doing a study on David (apparently God thought I needed both at once!), so it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. I am excited that, for the first time in my life, I will be meeting weekly with a group of ladies to talk about the Bible. I have never, ever done so before.

I’m praying that the people He has handpicked for these studies are moved and changed because of the time we spend together in His word.

Photos courtesy of Living Proof Ministries: www.lproof.org

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A couple of recent memories that are giving me cause to smile:

Last week when we were visiting Jennifer and her new baby Sarah, we were all sitting around the kitchen table while the girls chased each other on their cars, and screamed, and laughed, and, well, Sophia might have let out a little pressure, if you know what I’m talking about. I was about to blame my husband, but then realized the sound came from across the room where Sophia stood taking care of one of Elaina’s babies. Elaina, immediately, ran across the room to her friend, knelt down to get a really good look at the “noise maker” itself, and then, without hesitation, pointed at the middle of Sophia’s bottom and said, “Toot!”. Well done Elaina, we were wondering who the culprit was.


Yesterday, Isaac took Sophia down to visit her favorite beasts of burden, where she had a chance to witness, for the first time in her life, a horse having a bowel movement. “Horsie, poo-poo” she said while Isaac agreed with her statement. “Horsie, poo-poo. Horsie naughty,” she said with a scowl. Isaac explained to her that it wasn’t naughty, that he was a horse, and for him it’s okay to go to the bathroom like that. I don’t know if it was out of jealousy of the horse getting to be so free with his actions, or the fact that Sophia just didn’t want her world to be turned upside down with news of such anarchy in the animal kingdom, but she started to scream. And cry. She eventually calmed down and wanted to talk about it again, obviously, because she expressed again how naughty the horsie was for pooping out in the open like that. Isaac, once again, tried to explain it to her, and once again, Sophia couldn’t handle the information. She broke down in tears. Now when she wants to talk about it, we’ve learned to just say, “That was pretty ucky, huh?” She agrees.

 Click here to see the video.

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It seems that I overestimate Sophia’s naughtiness sometimes. Her little tantrums she throws out of tiredness in public always appear so massive to me, yet everyone looks at me as if I had an arrow through my head and says, “This? Oh, this is nothing…” In the past when she’s been at a babysitter, sometimes for an entire day, I ask how she was and the responses have been “Angelic”, or “What a good helper!”, etc. Each of her sitters have children themselves, so this opinion is relative, of course. I, having only had Sophia, base all of my experience on her, to where a “bad day” could be one in which she has opened her mouth really wide at me and let out a sound that is similar to when someone has an incorrect answer on a game show. It’s really her biggest form of protest. Doesn’t sound very naughty, but it is, because right before she does it she gives me a really naughty look – eyebrows knit together really tight, bottom lip in a bulge. And the worst part about it is that she looks me straight in the eyes: EEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Again, it may not sound very naughty, but it is.

And then there was last night. Let’s just say that I got a whole new perspective. We had a neighbor boy over (who’s a few months younger than Sophia) for a few hours who wasn’t very happy to be at our house. He’s been there before, he knows us, but he just would rather have not been there. Period. In the three and a half hours he was there he probably cried for, hmmmm, three hours and twenty-five minutes (it was actually more like an hour and a half, but it was evenly dispersed throughout the night). We tried everything we could to make him happy: put on Baby Einstein’s Things Around the House, offered snacks and drinks, read books, went sledding outside under the beautiful stars…. What really broke my heart, though, was watching Sophia try to cheer him up. She offered him her favorite toys, like her elmo and ernie dolls, she tried to share her snack of grapes with him, and she told him it was ok. On the sled ride I even saw her leaning forward and hugging him. It seemed she was only making things worse, though. As she got closer to him he would scream louder. Eventually, he even hit her (not very hard) to try to get her to get away. Finally we just had to encourage her to play somewhere else because he didn’t want to be happy right now.

She went away, but always attempted to make ammends with her “friend” as she called him. And I was so proud of her – for being the opposite of naughty. For being so generous, and helpful, and understanding that her friend didn’t want to play with her. That he was just sad and missed his mommy. Isaac kept telling her what a nice friend she was. Maybe if we keep telling her that she’ll really be a good friend one day.

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Catalina Island, August 2006

Two babies holding their toes. I don’t know what it is exactly about this picture that I love so much. Maybe it’s that soft hue on their skin that reminds me of warm days cooling down. Or the fact that Sophia looks so much littler in this picture. Her face so much fatter, and her hair a little finer. Or is it because I see two cousins infatuated with each other, loving each other, wanting to sit together on a lawn chair while so much is going on around them? (I love how the lumbar support for an adult serves as a head rest for them.)

Beautiful children. I never loved children in general as much as I do now. I always loved kids, but now I look at a child and see so much more: I see the pride (or lack thereof) of parents, and grandparents; I see a person changing in mind, body, and soul every single second; I see the awesome love of God in these wonderful kids. And I have to ask myself why I never saw any of this before.

I think Sophia has given me a reason to slow down a little bit. To, as they say, stop and smell the roses (literally – even fake ones). She gives me a reason to appreciate EVERYTHING so much more. Way too many things to count, so I’ll just say “thanks Sophia”, and leave it at that.

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I’ve discovered a little trick to making Sophia eat what we make for dinner: Don’t feed her any snacks 2 hours beforehand! May sound a little cRaZy, but it works. Last week, I actually got her to eat some pork. And the other night, chicken. Amazing. It actually makes sense, too. I mean, it works for adults, why not kids?

Take me for example. A good friend of mine gifted me a bag of oriental trail mix that I brought to work to snack on, but shortly thereafter I realized I didn’t really care for it. So it sat there, in my office, waiting for the time when I would be so stark ravin’ stravin’ that I would devour a couple of handfuls of it. And, it happened. It’s actually happened about 10 times now (the bag is nearly empty) and I can hardly believe it, because each and every time I finish eating my little snack of oriental trail mix, I think to myself, “Never, again.” Yet there seems to always be an “again”. And again, and again.

All this to illustrate that if you are really, truly hungry, you will eat food. Whether it be pork sandwiches, or dried, weird looking cracker things with wasabi flavor sprinkled all over it. (They are all-natural, I might add, although I can’t fathom how.)

Sometimes, though, Sophia is just plain stubborn (No! – you say). It seems that if we act too interested in the fact that she’s eating something, she’ll throw her spoon to the floor and that will be it. Incidentally, when she was eating that chicken the other day, I had to look away in fear that she would see the joy on my face, and decide not to eat it after all. I acted like I couldn’t care less, until of course she had eaten it all and I jumped up and down with complete and utter delight. If I ever had a chance of being cool in my life, that chance is now over. 🙂

Getting the chance to be a mommy to this little stubborn angel makes it way worth it.

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