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Sometimes I think we’re living with two children. This little girl of ours seems to have, at times, a dual personality. She can be so sweet and sensitive to others. She’ll pat your head when you’re taking a snooze on the couch. She’ll give you the biggest hug and sigh while she’s doing it for extra emotion. But then… she goes down for a nap and emerges as a little troll who’s mad at the world. So much as offer her water when that’s not what she wanted, and she’ll shriek at you with such contempt, that you’ll think she’s the White Witch and you’re Edmund, and you’ve just returned without Lucy, Susan, or Peter.

Is this what they call Toddlerhood?

She’s been waking up during the night more often these days. Of course, I’m such a deep sleeper that I barely even know whether or not she’s had a bad night, or a good one. Poor Isaac. Last night, apparently, she cried and cried until he went to get her, and when he picked her up she sobbed, “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” So he brought her to me and I soothed her to sleep by rubbing her head and saying, “shhhh, shhhhh, shhhhh” over and over until she drifted off. The fact that I had to be told this proves what a multi-tasker I am. I suppose it also proves how tired I am.

It’s no lie that this little girl of ours – this girl that’s getting more and more independent with each passing day – is delightful. She cracks us up and surprises us and makes us beam with pride. And I know that in order for her to be as delightful as she is, she has to have her time where she doesn’t always please everyone, especially us. And part of me loves the fact that she can show me that she’s angry, or frustrated, or just in a bad mood. That’s part of who she is. I know it will help her to be more balanced if she can learn at this age how to express her discontentment. She’ll just have to do it in the corner, that’s all. 🙂 (The only problem with the corner, is that I get the feeling she likes it there. But that’s a whole different story!)

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