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It seems Sophia prefers to go it alone these days. She knows Mom likes to hold her hand, but she wants to show the world how independent of me she is. There are still those moments, however, when she comes to a hard spot in the road, and looks up at me, arm outstretched, knowing I’m there to help. And then, hand in hand, we step up onto the sidewalk together, or over a puddle, or up a stair.

It goes both ways, I’ve learned. During the week after my brother’s accident, Sophia was there to make me smile, and occasionally, even laugh. She gave me kisses to heal my sad heart, and patted my back when I was hunched over and sobbing. I had no idea how much I need her help, too. All I have to do is reach out my hand.

Mom and daughter. Hand in hand. For life.

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