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When I was a kid (and now, too, but especially when I was a kid), just the thought of staying in a hotel with a swimming pool made me happy. The jumping, the splashing, the breath-holding contests under water – it was all such a blast! As far as I was concerned, the only difference between a “good” hotel and a “bad” one was whether or not it had a swimming pool.

One year in early March, my family took a vacation to southern California. We stayed at a really cheap motel that would have been pretty mediocre had it not had a pool. It did, though, so as far as we were concerned, we might as well have been booked over at the”Disney Land Resort”.

It was a pretty slow day at Knott’s Berry Farm, so my brother Gregory and I decided to go on the log ride 15 times in a row. Being already soaked after the first run, and knowing our dad would make us go and change our clothes anyway, we decided to take advantage of our drenched state. It didn’t end there, though. We had to, of course, pass the pool on our way to our motel room. Gregory suggested it, I agreed, and we both jumped in, fully clothed, and laughed and swam and were observed by some of the other guests there. “We’re from Alaska!” we yelled out at them, and they nodded their approval.

Last week my mom came down for a visit and stayed at the only hotel with a pool here in Valdez. Sophia and I, of course, leaped at the opportunity for some pool time and had so much fun. She loves the water, but I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t. I’ll try to remember that when she some day begs us to stay at Rowdy’s Motel because it features an “outdoor pool”, even though there’s a much nicer Holiday Inn across the street.

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Emily Anne Duffield

Our family was blessed with its newest member last night at 11:33 p.m. California time. Weighing in at 7 lb., 9 oz., she’s 20 inches long and has blue eyes full of wonder at her huge, new world. My husband and I were so blessed to have the chance to actually HEAR her being born last night in the comfort of our bed. Over the phone we not only heard the last push, but also that she was indeed a girl, and that she was beautiful (although we new she would be).

And today, this little girl, whom I haven’t even met, has somehow been able to make me feel as if I am walking on clouds. There’s a spring in my step, and I find myself more compassionate, more friendly, more understanding. Emily has arrived! She is healthy, her mommy is happy, and life is good.

In less than 2 weeks, Sophia will see her baby cousin, and I my baby niece, for the first time. Isaac wishes he could be there, but instead will be fishing in Yakutat. 🙂

Congratulations Annie, Dave, and Jonathan on this precious little girl!

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He has risen indeed!

It was a drizzly, some-what windy Easter in Valdez this year, but we loved having the chance to recognize what our Lord has done for us: so much more than our everyday blessings, in fact, He has given us the promise of eternal life. And for that, we will always have a reason to smile.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Roadtrip to Fairbanks – March ’03

Here’s a picture of Isaac and me on one of our first dates – only days before his 28th birthday. It’s hard to believe that this is his fourth one since then, and that so much has happened in our life together. I always wonder how I would have met Isaac if it hadn’t been for my dad’s insistence on getting ahold of Tim and Josie, their persuasion to call him up, or my own courage in going to meet him. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord planned this union of souls from the get-go.

His birthdays give me yet another reason to count my blessings. I’m so grateful for the chance to have him as my husband and friend.

I love you Isaac. Happy Birthday.

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Sometimes I look at this girl and think, “Has anyone in History ever been this beautiful?” She looks at me with those huge, blue eyes; she rubs her hand over her light, curly hair; and then she smiles and goes back to doing whatever it was she was doing: talking to her toys, reading her books, or wrapping the phone cord around her neck as if it were a necklace. What a girl.

Lately, I’ve really noticed how much she plays off her dad and me. I love to chase her around the house acting like a crazy person. She screams and crawls, but gets so excited / nervous that she just collapses on the floor awaiting her imminent “death”. Then throw Isaac into the picture: He holds on to her tightly while saying, “Oh, no, she’s coming Sophia! She’s gonna get you! AAAAAHHHHH!”. And THAT is when she really freaks out. She climbs up her dad, begging for him to save her while I get ever closer, and finally, reach her and eat at her ribs until she dies of a laugh-attack. I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

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