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The ticket is purchased, recipes for the yummiest home-cooked meals are slowly being gathered, and our hearts (mine and Sophia’s) are set on visiting Annie, Dave, Jonathan, and little baby Duffield in May. We are so excited to spend 7 days with the Burney Crew for some family bonding time – I can’t wait to see Sophia and Jonathan loving up on each other. I have many activities planned for those two little rascals (including dress-ups and photo shoots!) so that Annie has plenty of quiet time with her little one.

We can’t wait! We love you guys!

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Thank you, Lord, for everything you’ve shown me.
For everything you’ve given me to touch, smell, hear, feel, and taste.
Thank you for experiences like Manzanillo, people like Anne, and pets like Velvet.
Thank you for mountains, and sunshine, and snow, and rocks, and fresh-water streams.
Thank you for second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances…


Thank you for the love of my life.
Mi amor, mon amour, meine Liebe.
Thank you that he is so darn perfect for me.
Thank you for bringing us together to love one another.
Thank you for letting that love be grounded in you.


Thank you for the chubby legs and tiny feet of a baby girl.
Thank you for giving me enough love for her, and allowing that love to change every day.
Thank you for kisses from little lips.
For high fives, zerberts, and a baby’s ability to listen to the same Children’s Bible Songs CD a thousand times and STILL not tire of it.
Thank you for molding me into your image of mom and wife.

I will try my best not to take it for granted.


photos by heath

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Sophia has been hiding a Leprechaun in her closet all day. She’s getting way too in to this luck o’ the Irish thing.

As you can see, she’s wearing a pretty new dress that her grandma Becky brought for her when she met us in the big city last weekend. For any of you out there who are interested in the pattern, we’ve taken an upclose shot to verify those clovers.

No pinch for Sophia this year!

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It’s official

Our daughter is a princess.

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Left, Right, Left

Our little girl has taken her first steps! 9 days after her first birthday, she has decided that she can do it. And she did it with no prompting at all, amazingly. She stood and held on to a chair in her bedroom, while I sat on the floor sorting through some papers. She turned toward me, let go and stood there – balancing perfectly on her two tiny feet – before she took three steps in my direction. I screamed with excitement. Her dad rushed right in to see what was going on, and was so proud to see his baby girl walking. It’s been about an hour now, and all three of us our exhausted from practicing.

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Birthday Girl

What fun we had today with the little birthday girl! Her daddy brought her out to the living room this morning to a birthday surprise – a life size baby doll named Molly, who “breathes” when you hold her in a certain position (and who also looks a lot like Sophia!). She gave her lots of kisses, and talked to her. She’s so life-like, in fact, that I think Sophia expected her to do more than just stare at her. Not as good as her real friends (although sharing won’t be an issue), but fun nonetheless.

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1 Year Ago Today

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The countdown begins…

Sophia just received her first ever birthday card in the mail today. When I got home from work this evening, Isaac mentioned that there was something in the pile of letters on the table for Sophia. She heard her name, and looked up. With card in hand she squealed, then she looked around at us to see if we, too, were sharing in her joy. It sure does seem like she appreciates things much more than we do. She really studied the card – and the envelope, too. She really loved the envelope. And, oh yes, she wanted me to give Herb and Carol a message, thanking you guys for her card. 🙂

2 days to go!!!

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