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Hello Everyone!

Well, instead of sending out a mass e-mail like I always do, I decided to start a BLOG to share with you guys the joys of our parenting experience. That way, I won’t be filling up your inboxes with X amount of KBs of info with all the photos I send! And, hopefully, it will give me a chance to fill you guys in more often, as I can add little snippets here and there, instead of a whole bunch of news all at once.
The news for today: Sophia was terribly sick last night. She had a fever of 103, and we were so shocked to see that number on the thermometer. “Isn’t that really bad?” we asked each other. We were advised from some Church Friends that anything below 104 is not actually cause to worry, and that as long as it was stable and went down instead of up, she’d be fine. It was worrisome, though, in that she was so DIFFERENT. She wasn’t the high energy, independent, little explorer girl we’ve come to know, but rather a lethargic, needy, emotionless blob of a baby. One good thing, though, is that for the first time in months, she wanted to cuddle with us. As a mother, I was in heaven. I loved having her warm chest on mine, her head on my shoulder, and her quick, shallow breaths on my neck. My thought was to take advantage of it while it lasted.
And it lasted…until this morning at 4:30 a.m. As I stood in front of my closet deciding what to wear to work (which is ALWAYS hard for me at that time in the morning!), I heard her whispering to herself in her crib. Then I knew that my little baby girl was back to normal – or at least on her way.
She’s been playing pretty well ever since, although I could definitely tell that the whole episode took a toll on her 16 1/2 lb. body by the picture I was sent today of her during her nap (she’s normally not a very good napper).

As you can see from the picture above, she crashed in her crib, and immediately fell asleep.

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Testing, testing…1..2..1..2…

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